Friday, February 24


If you guys scroll down, you guys will see a new icon I just add! Yes, it's Brie Larson! She's this amaaaaazing singer aaand actress!! Dia main di United States of Tara, trus gatau lagi filmnya................ Dia dulu kayaknya sih belum begitu terkenal ya, tapi gue sih tau dia abis dia main di Scott Pilgrim vs The World. THAT movie is highly recommended because it has lots of action and music and romance and comedies, so I know either boys or girls will love it!

Here's the video of her singing at Scott Pilgrim. By the way, Michael Cera plays as Scott Pilgrim. So, if you guys watched Juno or 30 second or less, you guys know this movie is AWE.SHUM

Black Sheep by TCAD
Originally written by Metric

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