Little Things That Make Me Happy
By Janis Argeswara

1. Momentums
2. Putting enough teaspoons of sugar to my drink
3. People who are open-minded
4. My 100% recharged phone
6. Opening my jeans after a long and sweaty day
7. The smell of a beautiful bathroom
8. The smell after rain
9. Having someone open the door for me
10. Listening to my friends and seniors have a conversation
11. Braids
12. Skype
13. Standing on the sand
14. Breathing clean and fresh air
15. Waking up early in the morning, and feel the Sun's warmth warming the Earth for the first time
16. Christmas vibe
17. Searching plane tickets randomly
18. That feeling after holding my pee for so long, and I finally get to pee
19. When school finishes
20. When school starts
21. Taking off my bra at the end of the day
22. When someone asks me open-ended questions that makes me think
23. Animals that love to be pet
24. Other people's smile
25. Remembered what I was going to say earlier
26. Blowing big bubbles (bubble gums AND soap bubbles)
27. When I clap a mosquito
28. New socks
29. Getting back in touch
30. Airplane take offs and landings
31. New haircuts
32. Smell of new and old books
33. Wearing slippers after wearing closed toe shoes the whole day
34. Popping bubble wrap
35. Finding a good parking spot
36. Walking barefoot on grass
37. Finishing a big portion of food
38. The smooth face after a swim
39. Registering for something
40. Kissed by a little kid
41. Hugged by a little kid
42. Hugging someone way bigger than I am
43. Flashbacks
44. Other people's happiness
45. Licking the plate after eating Indomie Goreng
46. Petting my pet
47. Running in an open field
48. Reading cheesy text posts on Tumblr, and laughing about it, guilty
49. Reading quotes on Tumblr, and the books I'm reading
50. Free stuff
51. Winning something for free
52. When I understand politics
53. Dinner with my friends' parents
54. Crime shows
55. Things that don't matter (eg. fingernails in Juno)
56. British guys
57. British accent
58. British bands
59. Just all things British
60. When what I ordered arrives
61. Australians
62. Wearing matching underwear
63. Australian adventures
64. That feeling after brushing my teeth
65. Scrubbing my body after a long day which makes me feel flawless
66. Finishing a novel
67. Still remember the lyrics to an old song
68. Bathtubs
69. Sleeping in a hotel
70. When the food I cook turns good
71. Stickers and glitter
72. Partnered for a school work with my best friend
73. Opening gifts
74. Handwritten letters
75. Polaroids
76. When my hiccups are gone
77. Hugged until I am off the ground
78. Doing crazy stunts with my friends
79. Spontaneity
80. Perfect nail polish
81. Going underwater
82. Stretching after sitting down for so long
83. Stepping on mum's feet and let her take me dancing
84. Pijetan-nya mama
85. Clear nights in Jakarta
86. Danno's friends
87. Passing by a famous location
88. Passing an animal on the street
89. HIMYM moments
90. Paramore's song covers
91. Buying a ticket
92. Batik
93. Hearing my grandpa's stories back then
94. Kissing my far relatives even though I don't really know them
95. Seeing Oma make a joke, and laugh
96. Lebaran vibe
97. Pulling dried acrylic paint from the palette 
98. TWO scoops of ice cream
99. Strawberries
100. Buying new DVDs
101. Acing a test
102. Playing the ukulele
103. Fast Internet
104. Crooked coloured nails
105. Big headphones that cover my ears
106. Discovering new bands
107. Looking good
108. Treated like a daughter by my uncles
109. Playing a game (eg. Twister, Monopoly, etc)
110. When my bra and underwear matches
111. Looking like I'm a part of a British band
112. Collarbones
113. Eating Indonesian food in other countries
114. Concerts
115. The smooth surface of a paper after it is printed on
116. Bubble baths
117. Bath tubs that are so big I can slide
118. Mango scents
119. Fast internet
120. Hugs
121. Cold wind
122. White bed covers
123. Snuggling
124. Arriving at a hotel room
125. Carpet-ed floors
126. Red lipstick
127. Knowing that I prayed five times a day
128. When I'm brave enough to tell someone my feelings
129. When the person responds good
130. Guy friends who are a gentleman
131. Smiles that lasts
132. Late night hangouts
133. Arms on top of the stomach
134. Playing with someone's hair
135. The breaths of people sleeping
136. Guys with long hair
137. Holding hands
138. Being at the top (eg. rooftop) and feeling as if everything belongs to me
139. Good food that costs less than Rp20.000
140. Swimming suits
141. Again, HUGS!!!!
142. Puppies
143. Drawing on people's gypsum when they are wearing one
144. Helping others
145. Thanked by someone for being there
146. People who tell the truth
147. Relationships
148. Sand on the skin
149. Sound of the waves crashing
150. Spooned
151. Waking up to a good view
152. Planning
153. Seeing house inspirations
154. Seeing houses for sale and think if this could be my future home
155. Pants that make my legs look tall
156. Breezy weather
157. Holding hands
158. Comfortable earphones
159. Rain that starts at midnight and ends at noon
160. Good results from a film camera
161. Arriving somewhere foreign
162. Good posters
163. Knowing I did something right
164. Knowing I did something kind
165. Meeting someone not from the internet
166. Great conversations over unforgettable sceneries
167. Crying so hard and feeling so much better after wards
168. Sunflower seeds
169. Being brave enough to show vulnerability