Born and raised in Jakarta, Janis Argeswara is a petite 21 year old whose dream is to live nomadically around the globe. A deep lover of science [she thinks it's non-] fiction, especially aliens. And just science as a whole. Her whole life is devoted to reading and the net and trying to keep the eyes healthy by eating carrots. A believer in gender equality, and [still] struggling for the existence of it. An adrenaline junkie. Janis tries all the rides at theme parks, and if God allows, a range of all crazy activities. She currently holds a scuba diving license, and is looking for more licenses to pursue. And to top it off, her name is taken from one of the world's coolest musician, Janis Joplin. Crazy enough, Joplin's musical abilities were spread on to Janis, by having a cool taste in music (I hope).

Originally based in Jakarta, but is currently studying marine sciences in Indonesia's very own Island of the Gods, Bali. Hopefully after she graduates, she'll be able to make a contribution to Indonesia on conservation biology.

Favourite books include The Little Prince, Sputnik Sweetheart and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Favourite music include Paramore, Lorde, San Cisco, White Shoes & The Couples Company and The Smiths (She's also a fan of dancing to Michael Jackson).
Role models include Tavi Gevinson, Lorde, Putri Marino, and Emma Watson.

DARIANDRA is a combination of Daria and Alexandra. The TV show Daria sort-of shows Janis in real life [is this just fantasy?]. The blog is filled with Janis' experience, artworks, traveling tales, dreams, and a bunch of weird stuff.


Who Are You?

by Janis Argeswara

Hi there. I’m Janis. I’ve introduced myself in my about me part, but whatever.
I’m Janis. My body has been working for twenty-one years. It’ll be turning twenty two on November. I like to read. My friends hate it when I shut myself off from civilisation and transport to another dimension a.k.a. the book.
Lately I reread Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart. And as he said it,
“I find it hard to talk about myself. I’m always tripped up by the eternal who am I? paradox. Sure, no one knows as much pure data about me as me. But when I talk about myself, all sorts of other factors–values, standards, my own limitations as an observer–make me, the narrator, select and eliminate things about me, the narratee. I’ve always been disturbed by the thought that I’m not painting a very objective picture of myself.”
I picture myself in a lot of different ways. You know that description box in Instagram and Twitter? I tend to change it every few months. Why? Because, yes, I’ve never been really sure that what I wrote there is painting a very objective picture of myself. 
As I read more books growing up, I find more characters and quotations that describe me closer to myself. I remember thinking I was like Alaska from Looking For Alaska. Enigmatic, desired by boys, quietly fragile. And then I read Sputnik Sweetheart. Maybe I was Sumire. Petite body, very very weird, likes to ask questions that may seem stupid but is actually philosophical. Georgia from Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging, who desires to be known, have the perfect sex god boyfriend, and just to make herself perfect. Pretty Little Liar’s brainiac Spencer Hastings. Great mind, crooked family, very observant. The list of characters I picture myself goes on and on and on. I can never choose one character only.
That is why, if you ask who I am… Well i’m sorry but there is no simple conclusion. I am growing everyday, I am learning everyday. I am who I am growing up to be.
If you guys want to get around Bali and not sure where to go, where to stay, what to do, and all those questions... Email me! I'll give you a personally made itinerary, and for some rupiahs I can book your accommodations as well!