Sunday, July 19

Leaving Comfort

Almost Famous

I have had lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for my whole life, and I've been craving to get out of here. I did. I fell in love with new cities and countries, but of course, I am dragged back to this metropolitan but also kampung-ish city.

My first flight happened when I was in year 2. I went to Bali with my aunt's family. Stepping into a different island was new and nerve wrecking, but I did it anyway. We explored Bali in the very most touristy. I went along with the plan because hey! I'm in a different island from my parents! I'm having fun already! And then I went to Surabaya, and continued to Malang by car. I then traveled to Yogyakarta a few times. My favorite one was the time my dancing group (which included my cousins) went on a dancing show in Yogyakarta and Solo. Afterwards, the rest of the family came to Solo, and we head off to Purwokerto, and then to Baturraden by car. It was so fun because we went camping and made campfires and I miss the smell of the forest so much.

Monday, July 6

Bright Lights: Kuala Lumpur 2015


The first two days of being in KL was extraordinary. The professionalism of transportation is wonderful, and the cleanliness of main roads is beyond. I keep wondering whether Jakarta will ever be as easy as KL. Anyways, here's day three of The Suite Life of Jan & Sas.

Saturday, July 4


Current song on repeat is Us by Regina Spektor.

I am also reading Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky for the third time. It never bores me. I'm working on the third day of Suite Life of Jan & Sas. Keep an eye on the blog!

Sunday, June 28

To Lah or Not To Lah: Kuala Lumpur 2015


The view from our hotel room.

It's dry season in Indonesia, might be known as Summer in other countries, and that means... holidays! Saras & I have planned our KL trip since a few months ago, to celebrate the end of a year. Why KL, you ask? Well, it's near, it's cheap, and we don't need a visa to get in. Plus, I've never been to KL before, so why not.

Friday, June 26

Sugar, We're Going Forward

Whether it's accidental or on-purpose, my graduation & prom night are always on the same day. On June 11th, my school had their graduation and prom night. On my graduation, I wore a pastel version of lime-green Kebaya, with a grey-blue silk Batik skirt, and a pair of Something Borrowed Strappy Sandals. Sitting between my two friends whose been with me for six years in the school amphi theatre was heartbreaking, yet I couldn't wait to get out of the school. I observed each person I knew for the past eight years of my life at SPI. They were either laughing at my class' sitcom-like performance, or crying because they would no longer see our sitcom-like class after that particular day. My class sang The Call by Regina Spektor. Or people know it as 'the song from Narnia'. We had a mini drama inside it, and acted as if we were in a concert. But that's my class, you know? Making things fun and happy, instead of sad and depressing. I saw my year 11 class teacher crying while he and the choir team was singing The Sound of Music OST, Climb Every Mountain. I cried seeing him cry. My newbie-but-a-goodie best friend cried as I took my certificate from the elders of the school. My primary English teacher was stunned by my class' performance, she basically complimented us one by one.

Saturday, June 13

June Happy Sights

It's that time of the year where [in most parts of the world], everything goes hot, hot, hot! Currently thinking of what to pack in my luggage for my upcoming trip with a friend... And also very excited for Ramadhan! Here are some things that are make me super happy: beware! a lot of cute animals and hot guys.

Thursday, May 28

Life Update: May 2015

Even though the exams are over, my classmates and I still have to study for the national university test. Yes, in Indonesia, sadly your school grades transcript isn't enough to apply for uni. Other than that, I'm also in front of my computer also 24/7, rushing in making the yearbook [which btw, is very RookieMag inspired]. My friend and I are also planning to make our very own pop-up cafe! Life has been very packed lately, and I cannot wait until all of those things are over and I get to relax [not really though].