Sunday, June 28

To Lah or Not To Lah: Kuala Lumpur 2015


It's dry season in Indonesia, might be known as Summer in other countries, and that means... holidays! Saras & I have planned our KL trip since a few months ago, to celebrate the end of a year. Why KL, you ask? Well, it's near, it's cheap, and we don't need a visa to get in. Plus, I've never been to KL before, so why not.

Friday, June 26

Sugar, We're Going Forward

Whether it's accidental or on-purpose, my graduation & prom night are always on the same day. On June 11th, my school had their graduation and prom night. On my graduation, I wore a pastel version of lime-green Kebaya, with a grey-blue silk Batik skirt, and a pair of Something Borrowed Strappy Sandals. Sitting between my two friends whose been with me for six years in the school amphi theatre was heartbreaking, yet I couldn't wait to get out of the school. I observed each person I knew for the past eight years of my life at SPI. They were either laughing at my class' sitcom-like performance, or crying because they would no longer see our sitcom-like class after that particular day. My class sang The Call by Regina Spektor. Or people know it as 'the song from Narnia'. We had a mini drama inside it, and acted as if we were in a concert. But that's my class, you know? Making things fun and happy, instead of sad and depressing. I saw my year 11 class teacher crying while he and the choir team was singing The Sound of Music OST, Climb Every Mountain. I cried seeing him cry. My newbie-but-a-goodie best friend cried as I took my certificate from the elders of the school. My primary English teacher was stunned by my class' performance, she basically complimented us one by one.

Saturday, June 13

June Happy Sights

It's that time of the year where [in most parts of the world], everything goes hot, hot, hot! Currently thinking of what to pack in my luggage for my upcoming trip with a friend... And also very excited for Ramadhan! Here are some things that are make me super happy: beware! a lot of cute animals and hot guys.

Thursday, May 28

Life Update: May 2015

Even though the exams are over, my classmates and I still have to study for the national university test. Yes, in Indonesia, sadly your school grades transcript isn't enough to apply for uni. Other than that, I'm also in front of my computer also 24/7, rushing in making the yearbook [which btw, is very RookieMag inspired]. My friend and I are also planning to make our very own pop-up cafe! Life has been very packed lately, and I cannot wait until all of those things are over and I get to relax [not really though].

Tuesday, May 19


It's nothing personal, but I just don't like early-mid months. March, April & May are my least favourite. I received my exam scores last week, an the results were alright. It wasn't the best, but I'm okay with it. To celebrate my class' graduation (#akhirnyalulus) and Saras' class end of PP, a few of us decided to have a barbecue. We made a short video about that night:

Thursday, May 14


There are times where it's late, your brother's asleep, and your parents haven't got home. You're supposed to be asleep, but yet, here you are, doing something that can be done later on. And then right when you desperately need to pee, or your stomach starts to growl, you hear the front door locks opening. You thought, "Oh I can't let them find me still awake". This is a three step tutorial on how to look like you have just gotten awake from bed. So when you get out from your bedroom, and your parents see you, you can go "[yawn] I need to pee".

Original condition

Friday, April 24



After the long-awaited national exam was over, my class and a few teachers grabbed three cars and headed ourselves to Bandung, West Java.