Tuesday, August 6

Road Tripping: Kawah Ijen

Dika, Deva and I were in the lab when we started talking about going to Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater). Talking about it excited me, so I made the budget. We invited some friends to join, which were gathered Cok Is, Gus An, Dharma, and Danan, and finally drove to Java. I've always wanted to go to Kawah Ijen for a particular reason. I mean, yeah sure the view's breath taking and the blue fire's sickkk, as Ijen and a place in Iceland are the only two places on Earth that produce that fire. But honestly, I just wanted to go to the crater lake that has a pH of 0.5 (!!!!!!). But OHHHHHHH, East Java wasn't going to make things easy for us. To get to the crater, we had to go through crazy shitload of dramas. Listed below:

Tuesday, July 30

The Monkey on Your Back

Legally Blonde (2011)

Quoted from a song I particularly like just because of how it sounds, "... the monkey on your back is the latest trend..." Anyone Else But You by Dawson Kimya from the movie Juno. Like the monkey on their back, for people my age, or actually, people in their fourth year of uni, conducting the final defence (sidang skripsi) is a trend. A lot of my friends have conducted their defence and I am honestly, genuinely happy for them. I post Congratulations for your new degree! post on my Instagram stories because I highly appreciate and sincerely amazed at their effort of finally finishing their 3,5 - 4 years of study. However, posting certain stories on my social media can trigger a lot of different responds. And by different, I mean... Not what I expected.

Wednesday, June 26

Cloud Nine


So this chat, inviting me to go to Mount Batur, came in all of a sudden last Thursday and after overviewing my schedule (and being the "let's-just-go" person I am), I decided to hike Mt. Batur. It was my very first time hiking Mt. Batur so I got really excited and just had all these sceneries that I would expect seeing in mind. There were the five of us, with the three of them being my seniors in uni, my friend's brother, and me. Dharma and I departed Denpasar to Bangli at 9.30 pm. The Asia-Australian Monsoon wind really got us, we literally shivered through the whole ride to the friend's place 30 minutes away from the Batur basecamp. As we got to our friend's place, we slept for a few hours and woke up at 2.30 am (I didn't really sleep though, I only slept half way. I couldn't sleep thoroughly). After another 20-minute shivering ride through Bangli's freezing fog, we finally arrived at Batur's basecamp and by foot to the summit we go.

Thursday, June 20

salt water, a cure

I do not yet know another cure like salt water
Chloe Borich

This post was written in 2017 as a draft in my draft list. It's about time I publish it anyways :)

Being a marine science student, I can write so many things about the sea, firstly from it's physical, chemical and biological characteristics, its relation between the climate, the ecological matters, the laws of the sea that protects and organise the ocean, the fish stocks, anomalies, and a whole lot other. But I'm here to talk about the sea and how it makes me feel.

Here is a paper I wrote as my personal statement for an internship I applied for:
When I was younger, I had always been interested in animal-environment matters. Some of them included deforestation, global warming, pollution and animal abuse. I understood that humans are responsible for making a healthy Earth, and that kindness doesn’t only work on humans but all kinds of living things. That’s when my love for the environment and animals grew. 
Since I was young, my dad would take my siblings and I to the pool almost every week. I have always been very fond of water activities. During long weekends, my family and I would go to the beach that’s 2 – 3 hours away from home. We would bury ourselves in the sand, or put our goggles on and explore below the ocean surface. That’s when my love for the ocean started to grow.
A few months after my high school national exam, I watched an episode of Shane Untamed on National Geographic Channel, where he swam with whale sharks in Djibouti. I fell in love with the idea of interacting with delicate and beautiful marine creatures. That’s when I decided to study Marine Sciences for college.
Seeing my interests and passion as I grow older, I can say that I specifically want to learn more about ocean pollution and the marine life. I understand how humans play a big role in contributing pollution, and how it can (and already have) harm the systems of the ocean. I personally believe that we’re capable to not pollute the ocean in order to live.
After graduating as a Bachelor of Marine Science, I would like to achieve more experience by working in an environment-based organization. While working, I’m planning to find a postgraduate scholarship abroad, hopefully in Australia, Japan or Netherlands, majoring in either conservation biology or environmental science. After obtaining a more advanced knowledge, I will go back to my homeland and do researches that can make the Indonesian waters and its inhabitants healthy and safe.
Knowing the lack of understanding and self-awareness of the people in Indonesia on ocean conservation, I would also like to create a program to educate and remind people of ocean conservation. I imagine going to schools giving small presentations, having ocean-based activities with several institutions, seminars, TED talks, and the list goes on.
Aside from that, I have always been interested in magazines. After graduating, with a background of marine sciences and conservation, I would want to share the knowledge I have received with others. And to do that, I am determined to publish an updated and nicely designed magazine on ocean sciences and conservation.
As people know what ocean conservation is and why the ocean needs to be taken care of, they will grow a sense of caring. Quoting Sylvia Earle, ‘It is about knowing. It’s about exploration. Most of the ocean is unknown still, so with knowing comes caring. You can know and not care, but you can’t care if you don’t know. It’s the key to the human future.

Friday, June 14

S01 E09 · The One in Puncak

It's been two years since we planned to do our annual barbecue gathering outside of Saras' and Bisma's comfy abode, and we finally did it! Deshinta got us some pretty cool villa from Airbnb with a very reasonable price during the high season, and with that booked, we prepared for the rest.

Sunday, May 5

What I Talk About When I Talk About Grief

Ramadhan is here! It has always been one of my favourite celebrations because other than the fact I get at least two weeks of school holidays, but I also get to see the people I long the most (read: family and friends) !!!!! Ramadhan and Ied, and all sorts of other religious celebrations are mainly connected to spending time with the loved ones and maintaining and reconnecting relationships with one another. Since I live far from my main family, seeing them together makes me feel super blessed, and just makes my heart go all mushy.

A tradition most families do when Ramadhan is about to start is that they visit the grave of their passed loved ones. My family does it every year, and sadly, I haven't been able to join them for the past 3 years. Sometimes it breaks my heart because I couldn't be there with them, and I also feel guilty because I haven't visited their graves in so long. Who are they, you may wonder? The people I had loved, still love, and will always love has passed away before me.

Thursday, March 28

Dreamy Adventures of Janis - Chapt. One

After postponing my schedule to develop the film rolls that has been in my cabinet for a period of time, I finally did it. I developed them! And added subtitles to it to make them more... interesting. These pictures were taken in January 2018 and January/February 2019, all during my time doing the micro plastics research in Nusa Lembongan. I wrote more about it herehere & here. Nusa Lembongan, and the other Nusa islands really made a mark in my heart. I'm glad I get to spend a some time in these islands. It's always a pleasure.

Subtitles are imaginary, but also inspired from real life conversations. All pictures taken with a Lomography Sprocket Rocket and an Aquapix Lomography, with a Lomo Colour Negative 400 ISO 35mm film & expired Kodak Porta 800 film, unless stated otherwise. Thank you April for taking some of these pictures as well.