Friday, July 21

Letters to Myself: Senior.

I found this note on my computer's Notes. I wrote it roughly two years ago, before I graduated high school. 

Dear lovers,

Here I am: Existing in this milky way as a not-so-little girl anymore, about to end this label as a senior, and start a new label called mahasiswa

It’s scary to think how I will soon end the twelve years of education I had grown attached to, and begin another four years of education, with a different perspective and method. When I was in junior high, I saw the seniors so powerful and free, I wanted to become them so bad. And now I’m here. It isn’t as free as I thought it would be. To be honest, sometimes I don’t think I am mature enough to be called a senior, let alone an undergraduate. But I have no choice. The universe keeps spinning and so must I.

Ending school scares me so much. I am scared to loose the innocence of a school girl. I am scared to leave the people I’ve encountered with. I am scared to go to uncertain places where there is no guarantee of secure and comfort like school has. I am scared to forget my prayers, as school always reminds me every midday. I am scared to leave the classmates that has been there for me whether they like it or not. I am scared to leave my comfort zone I have had for twelve years.

But I am excited to leave school as well. Excited for the late nights and late mornings I get to have. Excited for the surprise trips out of the city when I am bored, without any responsibility of going to school. Excited for the new people I will meet. Excited for the places I will travel to. Excited for the long-awaited freedom. Excited for the uncertainty life is preparing.

I’m not a psychologist or anything. I am not licensed to give out tips on how to live your life as a senior. But let me say this:

You will no longer be a student. You will no longer have your favourite cafeteria food waiting for you every lunch time. You will no longer be treated like a child, however, you will be expected to behave like an adult. Sometimes, too much. But those things will happen later. Right now, you are a senior. You’re spontaneous, silly, fun, sometimes stupid. You’re young. Act like it. You only get to be a senior once.

The One Who Is Desperately Trying To Find a Prom Dress,

Thursday, July 20

(Mostly) Coffee with Sas


An animation starring Steve Carell - Despicable Me 3 - is out in theatres and I just had to watch it. Saras and I decided to watch it on a sunny Monday afternoon, with a bag of small popcorn, tiny iced lemon tea and two pieces of bread. After entertaining ourselves with little yellow characters with a passion for bananas, Sas went to find a bowl of udon while I stuff myself with shrimp tempura.

Monday, July 17

Intimate Sunday

When I was a kid my dad would take my sister and I to a classical piano concert in the Dutch Embassy (Erasmus Huis) in the Kuningan area. I guess you can say my first concert wasn't pretty wild, huh? Classic piano. How better can it get? Since then, I went to other events that were held by Erasmus Huis itself or other working partners. My favourites were the time Valerius went to Indonesia and held a mini concert with a super intimate meet and greet session (hugs, selfies, conversation!), and a Suriname exhibition + culture + food exhibition that brought the party girl in me out. Of course, other than entertaining events, Erasmus Huis also have educational events such as scholarship expos, and brainstorming & discussions on a matter (plus points: they also have a library!).

Wednesday, July 12

Something Fishy


Thanks to Oji who insisted to have a barbecue feast in 2015, it became a thing. Twice a year, during the long holidays, with a group of close friends. After eating meat for so long, we decided to change the menu into fish and chips! An act of promoting Ibu Susi's Gemar Makan Ikan campaign (kind of). The feast started early, as we had to defrost the fishes (dory and tunas!), cook the fries and sausages, as well as prepare the upstairs room for Oji's 20th birthday surprise. In a sentence, the night was full of carbonated water (as usual), screams of laughter and fright as well as kindness to one another. My brother, a friend and I stayed over, woke up at 11 am the next morning, and continued watching movies until we were basically kicked out of the house (hahah kidding though, they just had somewhere to be). This was one of the best feast we had, as we celebrated our third anniversary together (it's actually our second year, but oh well).

Friday, July 7

In Giving

Give, but give until it hurts
Mother Theresa

If you're wondering why there's a picture of Joey and Rachel from Friends above a quote by Mother Theresa... I've always thought Friends as a TV sitcom whose characters are all about each other, almost always willing to embarrass themselves for each other, almost always willing to help each other even if it's a bad idea or will cause trouble, and mostly they will always love each other no matter how crazy their relationship gets (take Ross and Rachel for example). To maintain a friendship or relationship like the characters in Friends did, all it takes is to give. Give attention, give presents, give advice, give hugs and kisses, give food, give long talks that you'll know they hate but it'll tell them that you actually care, and so on. The list of what to give is only limited on your creativity.

Today, my boyfriend and I went out after quite a while of not seeing each other. We went to a mall very far from my place, and even though he knows my house is far from his place, he still decided to drop me off home. I've been itching to give him and his family some healthy snacks that I've bought two weeks ago, so as he dropped me home, I gave him the snacks. He shared it with the family and they loved it. And I can't be more happy to know that they loved it. Knowing that someone else is happy because of you really gives this dreamy feeling. I know that to give, you shouldn't expect something in return. But let me tell you this: the more you give, the more you'll get.

Wednesday, June 28

Going Global

Ever since I was in pre-school, I was lucky enough to go to a school where English was taught from an early age in different and new ways. I watched Dora the Explorer, The Sound of Music and That’s So Raven, listened to The Cheetah Girls, Hilary Duff and Britney Spears, sang Jingle Bells, and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, danced to Boogie Wonderland and so many more. However, I still speak Indonesian at home.

As much as I love my very own mother tongue, I love reading and learning in English. There are way more knowledge and experiences I can get from reading English/international journals, books, papers and presentations rather than an Indonesian one when I have to complete an assignment. I love going on Youtube to find videos on ‘Global Wind Patterns’ where it’ll not only teach me about the theory of it all, but also how it happens in reality. I love opening Khan Academy and re-learn high school subjects materials to understand the more complicated subjects I currently study (you won’t go anywhere unless you get the basics!).

Friday, June 2

Going Away: The College Life

It's the end of the semester and I will have little sisters and brothers in my faculty! Congratulations to those who are already accepted at their chosen universities! And good luck to those who are still trying to find the perfect university!

Like me, my faculty might not be available (more like I didn't get accepted) at the university in my hometown, therefore I had to go away. Until now, I am the first person in my family to go away for uni. My cousins are all studying in Jakarta and I am literally the only one who got accepted in Bali. It sounds fun but scary.

Here are some things you should know about me: i like to cook, i hate doing the dishes, mopping the floor hurts my palm, sweeping is okay, i get scared doing the laundry (what if the colours all get mixed???), i can't iron my clothes, and i can’t drive neither a car nor motorbike. Do i seem like the perfect candidate to live INDEPENDENTLY? Maybe not.