Monday, September 22

Being Human

Today my class talked about concepts and facts. The more you think about it, the more you realise that most of the things that exist are just concepts. Every individuals have different perspectives on what is fact and what is concept, but yeah. Most of the things that exist came from our minds.

[Romantic Insertions] by Taylor Wagstaff

What happens when you don't throw your trash in the correct place:

I’m so glad this post exists. I took ecology in high school and apparently a lot of animals are attracted to the smell of cigarettes and they eat them whenever they can find them. Sometimes they’ll even wander onto roads at night if they smell one and they’ll get hit by cars doing so. And they can’t digest them. The cigarettes just sit in their stomachs until they run out of space and then they starve because they always feel full. I don’t understand why people can’t just put their cigarettes out and then toss them in the trash bin or keep them in an ashtray in their cars until they get home. Is it really that hard?

Sunday, September 21


"Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, 

but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom

most people find sin.” 

John Green

Bismillah one day I'll be able to visit, or better, study or live, in Amsterdam. I want to stroll along the Red Lights District, and maybe bend the rules a bit (hahah i'm joking!). I want to be able to live in a city where cycling takes an important part of the transportation. I want to breathe the air of knowledge at Europe's biggest library, and have Anne Frank's stories touch my bones. One day, Amsterdam.

Thursday, September 18

Take Responsibility For Your Trash!

I was taking my dog, Potter, for a walk this evening. His leash isn't good anymore so he ran around for a couple of times. When I finally got him back on the leash, we walked for a few meters, and he ate a tissue that was lying on the ground. I made him spill it out, I swear I did, but it's too late. He swallowed the whole tissue. I am very, very sad and disappointed. Sad that Potter might be sick, and mum would have to take him to the vet tomorrow. Disappointed in Indonesians who still cannot see where a trash can is. People who cannot differentiate a street, and a garbage can. People who think littering is okay because 'the cleaners will clean it up anyway'. 
What would you do if you were taking your pet for a walk and he/she ate a scattered trash? Or if you have a kid who ate something from the ground? Would you punish them for eating something they didn't know that it was dirty? Or would you get mad at the people who threw their trash irresponsibly? 

I am really pissed off because it's the 21st century, and how come people still litter everywhere? If we still litter now, when's Mother Earth going to get better? When's humanity going to heal? Littering is not cool. It is a cruel, uncivilised and dumb thing to do. If you think littering only means plastic bags, and candy wrappers, you're wrong. Cigarette butts, band aids, and gum are also litter! Stop making your floor your trash can, and start putting them in your trash can! 

Not only are our streets littered, but also our rivers and the ocean. Animals don't have common sense, and it's sad to see the eating the trash you're not responsible for! It grosses me out when people who says the loooooooooooove the beach throws their ice cream wrapper, or anything in particular, to the ground. It grosses me out when people who are sane throws trash in the incorrect places. You know, at most times, when divers go underwater, they grab the trash scattered around the ocean & ocean floor. Maybe doing that on land is a good thing to do too. Every time I grab the scattered trash on the ground, people will think I'm a freak. I'm just doing the things most people aren't doing.

So I'm begging my lovers and heartthrobs, to stop littering! If you are going to throw away your trash, then for God's sake, throw it in a trash can. Or if you aren't anywhere near a trash can, put it in your pocket. Trash responsibly. Reduce the use of plastic bags (one of the most things littered everywhere!). Have more trash cans. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Help Mother Earth restore its beauty. Make yourself useful, and civilised. Not the other way around.

Friday, September 12

High School

On Wednesday and Thursday, my school held a collaborative camp which includes the whole high school students and teachers. It reminded me the camp my class and the senior's class had when we were in junior high. The only thing different was that we didn't go to the waterfall.

I realised that this year will be my last year in high school, and I am forever grateful because I get to go to 12 years of school. I am also grateful that I was raised in a good community, both in school, and outside school. I am grateful for the people who came and left during my years of school. I am grateful for the memories made during my school years. I am grateful for the lessons learned in the mistakes I did, especially during my high school years. I am grateful that I get to be a part in someone else's life, and be someone important in it. I am mostly, extremely grateful for the friends I made. Those who stayed since primary until now, who left when primary and junior high ended, who came when senior high started, who will leave when the school years are over, and who will stay when the school years are over.

I am grateful that I have different kinds of friends. The flirter, the listener, the people person, the hyperbole, the sarcastic, the hugger, the liar, the loud one, the whiner, the competitive, the geek, the teacher's pet, the OCD, the leader, the control-freak, the naïve, the dirty one, the pleaser, and so many more. I am glad I interact with all of them because without them, I wouldn't know that there are that many kinds of people. Of course, I couldn't possibly have my future surrounded by bad vibes-spreader types of people, but I know that one day I will deal with those kind of people again. Thank you high school for getting me ready to deal with people like them.

Hahah this post feels like I'm already leaving high school (which I will be doing in approximately in nine months!!!). Have a great Friday night lovers. Hope you're having a good end-of-weekdays celebration.

Wednesday, September 3

Photo of the Day

Not Another Foreigner: An Interview with Sacha Stevenson


On Sunday, one of my favourite Youtuber had a meet and greet session in a lounge at Senopati. She’s Canadian, but she speaks like a true Indonesian (with the swear words, and urban-dictionary words). She is Sacha Stevenson. Her How To Act Indonesian videos have gotten tons of views, and have made lots of laughter, not only in Indonesia, but also around the globe! Saras and I took a moment at her meet & greet, to actually meet and interview her (and Jason Daniels, who was in the background).

Monday, August 25

This Sick Beat


The oh-so-called Jakarta's own Coachella has come! Yesterday, Ismaya's first summer festival, We The Fest was held, and it was breathtaking.