Wednesday, August 17

Pantja Sila: Cita-cita dan Realita

Last week I got the chance to attend the premiere and press conference of Pantja Sila: Cita-cita dan Realita which is directed by Tino Saroengallo and Tyo Pakusadewo. The movie is basically Ir. Soekarno, played by Tyo Pakusadewo, giving his thoughts in a speech on the basic fundamentals of Indonesia back in 1945. 

Tuesday, August 2

Mai Melali: Surya Kencana 2016

Here's a short video I made during the time we spent at Surya Kencana.

Thursday, July 28

Blending With Nature: Gede Pangrango


I've always wanted to hike a mountain although i'm more of an ocean person. However, since my family are Earth-water-air adventurers, I decided to join my auntie for my first hike to Mt. Gede Pangrango National Park with my brother, and my auntie's family.

Thursday, July 7

Exposing Reality

I have actually been playing with film camera since a long time but I never really had the chance to develop them (and a few of the rolls were burned, sadly because of my clumsiness). But this time, I saved two rolls that I took with my friend's pocket analog camera. These pictures are taken at random times, therefore these pictures are basically very honest and kind of shows you what life is like for a student in Bali.

Here are some of my favourites:

Wednesday, June 29

Ingin Pulang: Jogja Jakarta

On our way to Jogja!

After stopping by Malang, we stopped by Jogja as well.

Friday, June 24

Ingin Pulang: Bali Banyuwangi Malang


Stasiun Kereta Api Malang

This holiday, a few friends and I decided to go back home by train. But since we're traveling on land, we decided to stop by a few cities before returning to big city Jakarta.

Thursday, May 26

Semester Two: Recap

I feel bad for neglecting this blog for quite a while now… Semester two is almost over and I cannot wait for the Ramadan and the holidays! While I cannot write every specific detail of what I’ve been through this semester, here’s a glimpse of my semester two:

Phylum: Chordata / Class: Reptilia
Species: Chelonia mydas

Practical Activities
So basically, this semester my class had two subjects that involved practical activities (actually three, but we don’t really count swimming as a practical activity) which are zoology and ichthyology. In Zoology, we learned about the different phylums that exist in our big blue planet, and in Ichthyology we learned about fish and their general existence (gonads, fecundity, distribution, morphology, etc.) Everything was fun while it lasted. My drawing skills grew quickly, as we always draw what we see during practical activities.