Monday, August 25

This Sick Beat


The oh-so-called Jakarta's own Coachella has come! Yesterday, Ismaya's first summer festival, We The Fest was held, and it was breathtaking.

Friday, August 22

69th Birthday


On the 18th of August, my school celebrated Indonesia's 69th Independence Day by having a flag raising ceremony and some old-school tujuh-belas-an games. Luckily I was chosen as the flag raiser, and I am really glad I got chosen, because it would probably be my last time being a flag raiser at my school (senior freaking year!!!). The flag raising committee and ourselves were very happy of our performance (the flag did not turn upside down, thank God), and we just gave ourselves a pat in the back.

Tuesday, August 19

The Odd Club: An Interview with Saras Anindita


Earlier this week, Saras and I decided to have our Life Therapy. I think we’re gong to make it a semester-ly or term-ly thing, just to loosen ourselves from this crazy amount of time called Life. And what makes it even worse is that we’re in high school. We recently had a sleepover, and I used that sleepover to interview her. This interview consists of random things that I wanted her opinion on.

Sunday, August 17

A Happy Birthday


This was Chacha's last birthday before she moves to Seattle, USA. She asked [begged, to be exact] for a surprise party, and so I said yes. She probably thought I was joking around, and wouldn't make her a real surprise party, but because of the good friend I am, I did make her a surprise party. Complete with letter balloons, eggs party, a chocolate cake & the appearance of her beloved boyfriend. 

Tuesday, August 12

The Eulogy

This morning (more like after noon cause I woke up at 1.30 pm), I was strolling through Path and found out that Robin Williams died. I shouted at my brother, asking him if it was true. And then I realised, that means The Crazy Ones would be cancelled. Oh The Crazy Ones was a great new TV show! It was about the life of an advertising agency, led by Robin Williams on the creative department. That TV show made me consider of taking advertising in university, because God, working in an advertising company looks so fun and free.

Believe it or not, I just knew Robin Williams voiced as Genie in Aladdin. Genie was the life of Aladdin, and I am very happy to have grown-up with the characters. And then I remembered Jumanji. It was one of the best movies I watched as a little girl, and I never got tired of it. It was a miracle watching animals come to life, and when the house turned into a jungle. Or when Robin Williams' body was stuck in the floor. I was afraid that one day I might come to a Jumanji board game, and things would happen.

When I grew up (as in right now, a teenager), FOX Family Movies at times would show Mrs. Doubtfire. It was hilarious and I never skipped it once. My favourite scene is when Robin Williams had to change as the husband/dad and Mrs. Doubtfire in the restaurant. He made me laugh. Night at the Museum was also breathtaking. Him as Teddy Roosevelt was priceless! I cannot wait to watch the third movie.

Here are a few of my favourite scenes:

Rest in Peace, and Thank You Robin Williams.

Wednesday, July 30

Eid Mubarak

My mushy heart is finally satisfied with the Eid vibe! Happy Eib Mubarak 1435H my dearest lovers! And happy holidays to those who don't celebrate! Eid has always been a pleasure for me because I get to meet my far cousins & relatives! What's not too good about Eid is probably the intake amount of calories! The greasy & heavy but glorious food... Oh guilty pleasure!

Friday, July 25

Tokyo Gazing

After I stayed in Shanghai for five days, my dancing team and I went to Japan. We only stayed for four days, and even though we didn't really dance there because of reasons, we still had fun going around Tokyo and Ariake.