Wednesday, June 27

The Week After

During the week after Eid, I spent the days lingering around Jakarta, here and there. The currently constructed infrastructure around Jakarta is blocking some streets, making it even more traffic-y. But since it was Eid and everyone went back to their home town, Jakarta's traffic was beautiful. If only Jakarta will always be this empty.

I know Jakarta isn't everyone's ideal location for a holiday, but it can be if you know where to look. 

Sunday, June 24

Yayoi Kusama

A few days after I arrived in Jakarta, I went to Yayoi Kusama's Life is the Heart of a Rainbow exhibition at Museum MACAN. You can say that Museum MACAN is relatively new, but is definitely making its way up to the top by bringing Kusama's artworks to Jakarta. The only thing I knew about Kusama was her passion in polkadots. Polkadots, polkadots, polkadots, everywhere. So on June 12th, my brother and I decided to visit Kusama's exhibition and see her polkadots of artworks.

Wednesday, June 13

Younger Now

Change is a thing you can count on; I feel so much younger now

Tuesday, May 29

Being a Busybee

At this time last year, my seniors told me that semester 6 was boring. A non-busy, lack-of-tasks kind of semester. Fast forward to today, me as a semester 6 student, cringing to fact that two weeks ago I had over 10 tasks due by end of May.

An addition to the uni busyness, I was part of a faculty organization and a community, as well as an assistant coach in swimming. My semester 6 was a race against time.

Tuesday, May 15

A thought today:

The more often people get to see each other, the less appreciative they are of that person. So it's okay to be a part some time. And soon when reunited, they'll be able to appreciate the other person even more. 

I guess that's how I'm feeling lately.

Monday, May 7

In The Sun: Perth 2017

I created a short video on the time I was in Perth, back in 2017. Here's the earlier post of the trip.

Monday, April 9

The Nusa Life

I took some random videos during my time at my internship in Nusa Lembongan. I compiled them and it became a less than one minute video. I wrote a few posts on my island internship life here: