Wednesday, June 13

Younger Now

Change is a thing you can count on; I feel so much younger now

Tuesday, May 29

Being a Busybee

At this time last year, my seniors told me that semester 6 was boring. A non-busy, lack-of-tasks kind of semester. Fast forward to today, me as a semester 6 student, cringing to fact that two weeks ago I had over 10 tasks due by end of May.

An addition to the uni busyness, I was part of a faculty organization and a community, as well as an assistant coach in swimming. My semester 6 was a race against time.

Tuesday, May 15

A thought today:

The more often people get to see each other, the less appreciative they are of that person. So it's okay to be a part some time. And soon when reunited, they'll be able to appreciate the other person even more. 

I guess that's how I'm feeling lately.

Monday, May 7

In The Sun: Perth 2017

I created a short video on the time I was in Perth, back in 2017. Here's the earlier post of the trip.

Monday, April 9

The Nusa Life

I took some random videos during my time at my internship in Nusa Lembongan. I compiled them and it became a less than one minute video. I wrote a few posts on my island internship life here:

Tuesday, March 27

The A Team

A few weekends ago I went on a camping trip with some of my class mates. We decided to get some fresh air, just before diving into the busy months of being an almost-senior. The lecturers are now making us store our final year project theme/title while we are still in search of what we like. In a month or so we are going to have our internship presentation. A step closer to finishing uni. Exciting, but plenty of work.

Sunday, March 18

How I've Been Productive: The College Life

The college life is a bit more complicated than high school, let me tell you that. The schedule isn’t always the same, as the lecturers are busy too. The homeworks and tasks are weirder... than high school homeworks. The syllabus is sometimes also a mess, tends to not go in order. You get my point. And that’s only uni.

Outside of uni, I have organisation matters like meetings and events to attend. Besides that, I sometimes have extra work load like conducting interviews or being interviewed, important phone calls, creating pamphlets and posters, just all the things you can imagine.

Due to the confusion and sudden classes and crazy load of work, as a student I would need a pretty decent productivity method. At least that will work for me. When talking about productivity, we immediately think of getting our activities done easily, efficiently and on time. To get productive, I like to combine handwritten and digital platforms, because not only is it fun, but also mobile. I think my productivity methods are pretty great because it keeps me ahead for almost all of my activities and makes me a bit more peaceful on crowded days.