Saturday, November 21

Genuinely Happy

There are so many things happening currently and it is making me either happy or very happy.

1. Sierra Leone is Ebola-Free!
To be honest, I have never heard of the country before, but knowing that a country that was once filled with people who caught Ebola, is now free of the disease, is heartwarming! And this video that they made to celebrate the health of its people is adorable. Have faith in God, everyone. source

2. Let's Drop The First 'I' in ISIS.
Queen Rania of Jordania's talk with Huffington on ISIS is amazing. It's a short video but really opens up your mind on the paradigm given on ISIS, and why ISIS is not Islamic. source

3. Saturdays
Saturdays are always great because it's the beginning of the weekend, which means you get to stay up late, be lazy in bed, or get out and party. Either way, it's always a great day. Today, I had one of the most relaxing Saturdays that I didn't spend in bed. I woke up late because I have no alarm clock, due to my broken phone. I did a physics group work at noon, and at 2 my friend and I went to the city to get my phone fixed. Sadly, I had to leave my phone at the repair shop for two days. We had lunch afterwards, and I finally got the crepes I've been craving for, and he got nasi bakar cumi which he said was satisfying. I was in need of checking my Line account because that's where all my friends and family contact through, so we searched for wifi nearby our place. And then my other friend came by with his sister, whom I've grown fond with. She is only 4 years old and very much adorable. She reminds me of my dearest niece back in Jakarta. She wanted to go to the beach, so we did. We strolled by Jimbaran beach, and head our legs drowned by the seawater. I got home and cooked myself a not-that-great-but-satisfying spaghetti.

If my phone wasn't broken, I wouldn't have this very relaxing Saturday.

Something Good Can Work


I had to work on my birthday this year. I was in the publication and documentation team for my faculty’s event, called Marfish Classic, an event where we celebrate the faculty’s fourth year by cleaning up the beach, planting mangrove trees, and of course, music.

Monday, November 9

See The Real Me!

Last year on June, I got the chance to be a part of the Clean & Clear: See The Real Me campaign casting. Here’s what I wrote on my defunct wordpress:
Last week, I had a digital media commercial shoot for Clean & Clear Indonesia. The process was fun and exciting, but I was having my flu so I felt like i had no energy. How I got chosen to shoot for the commercial was short and quick. I had to answer two questions: 1. What achievements are your proud of? 2. What do you want people to see more in you?. Coincidentally, Personal Excellence have asked me the same question, so I’m just going to answer it by giving my interview result.
Definitely my dancing & writing skills. I have represent Indonesia in the Shanghai Tourism Festival 2012 dancing a Sumatran dance with uni kids (by then I was only 14 y/o). I’ve also dance as a fill-in in events such as weddings, organisations birthdays, etc. I also have blog, thus my love in writing (and reading). Lately I just finished making a book for a school project. I interviewed 7 young girls in Jakarta & alhamdullilah I received good feedbacks. My blog started in 2009, and it’s still here! It’s not internet famous, but day by day there seems to be more readers which is a good progress. My
After I answered those two questions, I received a call from the production house and I was chosen! Of course, it wasn’t only me. There were other girls who were chosen, but I’m really happy that out of thousands of girls, I was one of them. We had a casting where they took pictures of me doing poses (I suck at poses ugh), and then they interviewed me again. They told me didn’t need to act, just be myself. So I did by the most of myself. A few days later, I got a text saying I got in. Like officially in. So I had outfit fitting, and on Wednesday, June 25th, we started filming. I am very happy that I get to join the commercial shoot, because I get to meet tons of new friends! We had tons of group selfies, I played my ukulele, the stylist who I have a mushy heart was also there, trying to play the ukulele but, let’s be honest, he sucks. I was so tired that I woke up at 12.30 pm the next day because the shooting was approximately 17 hours long.

Wednesday, October 28

Things Happening

Taken at Balangan Beach, Bali

It's not like anybody's asking, but my sleeping schedule has been a mess since the beginning of the wonderful October. I'm not sure whether it's me or the city, but October feels better in Jakarta. And things has been happening to my friends and I, and I can only pray and give hugs to one another. I read Nirrimi's latest post, on going to Perth and being heartbroken. And I wonder how one can write so beautiful.

Sunday, October 11

Letting Go

Fall has come to an end in Australia and summer is coming soon. Good news for OZ, but not-so-good news for Bali. Indonesia is going to have their rainy season, but Australia’s heat wave will be passed on to Bali as well. And you don't even want to know what summer feels like in Australia. The weather would be awful. Imagine rain with hot wind. I’ve been going around in Denpasar at noon and I can feel the skin absorbing the heat, it hurts.

Friday, October 2


November. December. And another year has gone by. It's scary how fast time flies, and how easy people leave. Or how strong the feeling of longing is rather than the feeling of hatred. My current playlist involved some major cover versions of Britney Spear's Toxic, and some others.

1. Toxic - Britney Spears (cover by Alex & Sierra on The X Factor)
2. Toxic - Britney Spears (cover by Teza Sumendra & Linying)
3. Magnet - Disclosure ft. Lorde
4. Turning Tables - Adele (cover by Bea Miller)
5. Linger - The Cranberries
6. I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston (cover by Asta & Allday on Triple J 'Like a Version')

Friday, September 25

Trembling Hands

My first three weeks of the uni-life was packed with dancing practices for the well-known contemporary dance & defile competition at my university’s 53rd anniversary. Everyday, my friends and I had to travel about 40 km from uni to the practice place. Gladly, the pain is over. But I am now going to be very confused of what I should do after class is over.