Wednesday, December 29

end of 2010

today is probably my last day of blogging...

in 2010!

can't believe that 2010 is finally ending. 2010 isn't my best year but i'm glad i made alot of new friends & build my relationship bank account with most of them. wish i could tell you about the things i did in the last 300-something days lol i forgot -_- all i remember most are these:
- CISV Halo Bandung camp
- Djanos family gathering
- School Production: Raja & I (2009-2010)
- School Production: The Story Teller (2010-2011)
- My birthday party

HiFFest Movie Workshop
16-17th October 2010

The Story Teller
4th December 2010

CISV local camp
20-24th June 2010

Raja & I Student Council & comittee
24th April 2010

Djanos Eselon 3
26th June 2010

Djanos Family Gathering Official Comittee
26th June 2010

what else?
alot of surprise parties, parties, soccer matches, school-to-school friendly competition, and alot more.

I am definitely going to miss 2010. anyway, here's some end-of-the-year sale from the one and only...

well then, i think Mojo Jojo can be the closing of this failed-sale(?) 
okay it's not a sale cause im not selling these pictures, this EXHIBITION!
 yes this exhibition okay bye.

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