Friday, April 22

Excursion with Athanatos and Tetradeum and many more

my class (atnts) and grade 7 (trd) went to Yakult's and Pocari Sweat's factory!!! it was hellyeah fun! especially the part of the resting part lol.

1. we went to PT. Yakult Persada Indonesia! it was fun! we get to see the making of yakult and everything else! we also got a yakult tumbler lol it was cool! and i loved it so much <3333

infront of Yakult factory
L-R up (gwynne, meidy, diandra, chloudya, amanda, desya, lisa, nina, intan, ela, me, rahma, ayya, nobel, jasmine)
L-R down (fadli, benny, fathir, yogi, bima, dhito, fariza, adam, wibi, dimas, verix, john)

2. after visiting yakult, we went back to the bus, took our tumblers and went outside to a field, or something like that to play 7habits games \m/. we have to jump across a something before we start playing lol. We played balloons thingy. So, first we blow up the ballon, then we tied it to our ankles with a rope, and we have to run & crash someone else's balloons but we have to try to not get our balloon crash. IT WAS HARD AND TIRING!!! but glady, i was on the top 3 lol
Ibu Dyah jumping

3. we had lunch on the bus and then we went to PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka (Pocari). when we arrive, the muslims prayed first and the others went to the place. the place was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! when we arrive, we watched a movie about how Pocari Sweat was made. from the idea to the ingredients & also the secret ingredients. after that, we had some q-and-a's session, then we went outside and we got goodie bags!!! then we went to see the process, it was cool B-)
L-R up (bu denok, bu nila, intan, gwynne, ela, meidy, amanda, desya, nina, chloudya, lisa, diandra, ayya, nobel, me, rahma, jasmine, bu dyah, kak pretty)
L-R down (fadli, dhito, benny, wibi, dimas, fathir, fariza, yogi, bima, verix, adam, john)

4. after pocari, we went home and watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory from beginning to end, from suka bumi-SPI.

I had a blast. Thanks to Athanatos and Tetradeum <3

L-R (bu dyah, ayya, me, rahma, nobel jasmine, wibi, verix, john, adam, dimas, pak donny)

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