Saturday, November 26

High/Scope Film Festival

As you guys knowwwww, SPI was one of the participants of this year's HIFFEST.

We had worked for 2 1/2 weeks. 1st week for making script and the 2nd week for shooting. The 1/2 week was editing. We had problems. Like loads of problems.

1) we didnt get to put our 'very bully' scene because the school was afraid
2) time
3) time
4) time

The movie started as an 18min movie, but Nobel and I edited it until it was a 10 minute movie.

The hard work we did actually paid off!

We won 3 awards at the festival!

1) Best Director : Nobel
2) Best Scriptwriter : Jasmine
3) Best Editor : Me!

Eeeeep am so happy :')

Thanking aaaaaall the SPI movie team for all the hard work we did & the High Scope team for making this an amazing hiffest!

Congratulations also to SMP Pembangunan Jaya for winning the Best Movie with the movie, Perpus 13!

I'm going to start my final exam this week! EHB bakalan mulai dengan pelajaran Humanities dan Bahasa Indonesia. Kedua pelajaran itu sangat mematikan loh kawan :o


Congrats to all particiants!

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