Saturday, January 7

Not as good as i I thought it would be


So. Right now, I am at a wedding. Well, not technically sih. I am at the car, while the others are at the wedding. I am soooooo hungry. I really want to go to the wedding but I dont know anyone there. X_X 😲made a bad decision


Today was

Jadi, in the morning, i woke up at 11 at mba dania's house. I took a bath blablabla, and at 1ish we went to TMII to inline skates. But it rained, we were supposed to chose either ice skating or inline skates. The babies chose inline skates. X_X 😲they made a bad decision.

Trus, we decided to watch whatever's playing on the Keong Mas theatre. We watched Forces of Nature.

And then we went back to wr jt, and I went to the wedding, and now I am like this.

Soooo, the lesson I learned to say was

Becareful when you decide.

P.S. i got 3 small boxes of cheesecakes (oreo, blueberry, strawberry)

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