Thursday, February 9

Just some ordinary Thursday

Today was the last day of C a r e e r  D a y. My dad was one of the speakers, so it was a bit awkward. ANYWAAAAY

Other than Career Day, my class haven't set the tables back to its position, so we decided to spend the whole day in the mattress.

For half an hour, us girls gossipped and everything (seperti biasa) and had lunch and prayed.
We went back to class and religion is next. Pak Hasan & Bu something I forgot her name wasn't in class yet ao us girls decided to do some stoopig things.

We decided to lay on each other. So Ayya tiduran yang paling bawah, then Jasmine, Nobel comes next, Rahma, me on the second row and Fara is on top. We didn't even last until 5 seconds!!! Truus, we laid down berjejer tengkurep and Fara walked above us HAHAHAHAHA she's sooooooooo heavy! And then it was my turn to step on them, but I decided to ROLL ON THEM!!!!!!!!!

Seru banget deh hahaha trus Pak Hasan came in also the other teacher and we had religion. So Nobel was out of the class. But since Pak Hasan had 7 habits at grade 8, he just gave us worksheets to do.

Trus after we did our worksheets, Fara opened her phone and told us to voicenote to someone because it was someone's birthday!!!

Tapi Bu Nila suddenly came in and the girla all shouted and the boys laughed HAHAHAAH that was probably the funniest thing today.

After religion is finished, we had pur tutorial break. All of us decided toooooo

P E T A K J O N G K O K!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fun, as usual.

Overall today was awesome.

Wish I had write this on the computer so I can make it more colourful. I'll be sure to do it asap

"Things never happen the same way twice, dear one" - Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)

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