Wednesday, March 7


I'm going to write this post in English because it's an international language, so you guys out there can also read it.

I know I've been blogging alot lately. Sorry for being such a talker :s
But this post is very important that it can change.... THE WORLD! Especially Africa.

Anyone here knows Joseph Kony?
I bet you guys don't know him.

He's an international criminal who kidnaps children and make them as child soldiers, sex slaves, and well, he can make them as anything he wants them to be! He leads an evil organization called LRA (Lord 's Resistance  Army) which kidnaps children.

Don't you think it's sad? Seeing kids being slaved? I love kids and I don't want kids younger, older or have the same age as I do getting slaved.

Well, Jason Russell from Invisible Children had an idea. Why don't we ask the US government to help us arrest Kony?
Since Kony's criminal isn't huge enough, US government won't help. Atleast until the world knows who Kony is. THAT was 2003.

Right now, US government is already in the search for Kony. But since Kony moves so fast, they haven't found him. And they're probably going to stop searching.

We don't want that to happen right? Are we going to let Kony run around the world and kidnap children?


Let's get Kony to the Trending Topics on twitter, front news on the paper, on the Yahoo!, msn, google home page, school magazine, facebook home page, radio, and everywhere!!!


For more information go to:
Sign the pledge:
Watch the video here:
Help more:

I know I'm not twitter famous, or facebook famous, or tumblr famous.... But no matter how many followers or friends you have, you can still make a change. Taylor Swift, Oprah, Justin Bieber and many celebrities & politicians has joined the KONY2012.
Start tweeting about Kony, start to have those USEFUL chain messages, and everything else! Put posters of him at your school bulletin, MAKE HIM FAMOUS!

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