Sunday, March 25



Despite the fact that I should be studying for my exam right now, I decided to give myself a bit of rest by blogging. Honestly, I would really want to try to make VLOGS!!!!!! YESSSS VIDEO BLOGS. I kinda get the idea from..... WHO ELSE other than iJustine! iJustine is just awesome when it comes to her, xbox, vlogs and her iPhone. She's probably my activities role model, you know.... Anyway, I'm going to show you guys one of Justine's vlogs.


So, I promise you guys I'll try vlogging. I WILL TRY. yayyers.

Second thing is that...... I think I'm getting fatter. Okay, not that important.... But I just wanna check if it's true or not, cause I've been home for these past 2 days, studying. I didn't even ride my bike or walk.... And I ate in my room too, and watched TV, or play my iPad, or watching trailers...... Eep. I need to keep my weight the same. I need to swim. Need to swim. Need to swim. GAAAH

Third. Today is boring. I woke up at 10am. Made french toast, but I failed.... The milk's too much. And um I started the day by studying Bahasa Indonesia. And religion. And civics. And I am now officially tired. I also, took the outfit I was wearing at that time. OH AND I STILL HAVEN'T TOOK A BATH SINCE 11 AM

I was at home all day! So don't judge me of what I wore. But I like both flower patterns on my top and shorts. My top was bought in Bali (duh) and the shorts..... Yea, they're my cousin's....

Last, but not least....
I saw Keegan Allen liked a picture on instagram. I opened the picture and the picture was someone had their palm henna-ed with a zebra that has giraffe patterns! And because I was sooooo bored at that time, I decided to draw those giraffe patterned zebras on my palm too!

Next thing to do after this is >>>>> NOT STUDYING >>>>>>> trying to make vlogs

wish me luck on my vlogs and end semester exam sweethearts.

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