Thursday, April 5

3 Dozens of Donuts

It's 11.10pm right now and I am as hungry as a horse. I'm hoping lots of people would still be awake right now because tomorrow's Easter. OH HAPPY EASTER TO ALL WHO CELEBRATES! So, I had my End Semester Exam from schooooooool. My results wasn't satisfying but it's better than none, right?

Yesterday 3/4/12, at tutorial time, Bu Nila suddenly said "Let's have food sharing tomorrow!" And without thinking we all agreed.

This morning, I bought 1 dozen of J.Co donuts, Fara bought 2 dozens of Dunkin Donuts, Rahma, Jasmine and Dimas bought Ma'cik, Nobel bought syrup, Ayya bought.... crackers? I forgot. And Bu Nila bought juices. We didn't have an actual purpose for the food sharing but we made it up, like celebrating the last day of the End Semester Exam. Since there were 36 donuts, we obviously didn't finished all of them so we gave it to the teachers and some cleaners. It's nice to do something good. There's this feeling that lights up when someone smiles because of our actions. We've finished lots of subjects, and now 4 more to go. 18 days to the National Exam. There will be 4 subjects: Math, Science, Bahasa Indonesia and English. My grades haven't been rising these days and I just don't know why. But I am sweeping my butt off for these 4 deadly days that will decide whether I'll make it to High School or not. Sometimes I feel like being in tortured by school, exams, lessons and other things outside of school. And yes, it does feel like the whole world's above my shoulders. So 18 more days of butt-sweeping, 4 days of the examinations, and 2 months of Parents Presentation preparation, Yearbook project, Farewell trip and my class would probably make the second Langkah movie: LANGKAH 2: ANTARA ADA DAN TIADA. We just made the idea today after reviewing humanities. It was so hilarious that we made things up like in the end, everything was just a dream, but it was anticlimax so we changed it............................

Anyway, I'm going to swim tomorrow at 9am at Citos. So if anyone's there, be sure to say hi! I think I'd better be going now............... BTW, my left feet's thumb is hurting right now because I cut my nails too short.

Goodnight. Have a good dream sweethearts.

so long farewell

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