Monday, April 23


salut les gars! comment sont mes préférés téléspectateurs?

If you guys think I wrote this.... Then you guys. ARE WRONG.
lol okay I used google translate.

I had my first National Exam today! It was Bahasa Indonesia. The problems were fine. Although there were troublems (a combination of trouble and problems). The supervisors gave us our worksheets randomly, and after half an hour of doing the exam, they just found out that the problems weren't suppose to be distributed randomly, there was the list of who gets what. I did the problems up to number 25, and i erased all the dots I drew on the worksheets. From problem D74, I changed into the problem A35. The problems were very different. I panicked. Like real panicking. But you know what they say, "panicking fails you" or something like that....... I tried to be calm and did the problems slowly. I finished on time and hoping to get atleast 8 or above! 

And I forgot to tell you guys other details I did on Thursday!
So on Thursday, we only had one tryout, and it was English, so we didn't have much pressure on our shoulders. After brunch, we had games with Bu Ririn and the religion teachers. We played 'Cross the River', 'Get the Coins' and an icebreaker. I forgot what it's called. It was really fun but we didn't took a video of the activity :( We played the games until lunch.

After lunch, we waited for Bu Ririn to come back for our therapy session, but she didn't came. And since my class couldn't STAY STILL, some of us made a sculpture out of soap. Some of us lie down on the floor and joked and stuffs. Some of us also slept! The picture of the sculpture is at Nobel's blackberry, but I'm going to post it a.s.a.p.

At 3 pm, Bu Ririn and the religion teachers came and we had our therapy session. We sat down and relax and listen to healing musics, and after that we prayed. 


It's time for THE CULTURE WEEK AND HARI KARTINI CELEBRATION! It was fun! The Kecak dance was an absolute success! It was amazing! Too bad my class didn't join it because of this stoopig exam. The whole school took part in it! except my class, ofcourse

Some pictures are taken from Olin's and Meidy's instagram!

It was amazing! Anywaay, I have to go back studying. I have English for tomorrow! Let's hope diknas wouldn't make any foul and stupid mistakes this time, shall we? Have a great evening, love.

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