Friday, April 27


I just bought Dee Lestari's book: SUPERNOVA: Akar. It's the second part from the first book. I made a Personal Mission Statement! And I copied a person's mission statement that inspired me most! Oh btw, I
just finished my national exam guyzzz! I am very happy that I won't be dealing with that piles of scraps anymore. I was thinking of buying a paper shredder..........

Yesterday's science exam was exhausting and a killer. I couldn't believe that the department of education (diknas) would gave out such different problems from the tryouts. Tryouts are meant to be more difficult than the national exam so if we can do the tryouts, that means we can do the exam. But screw that statement. The national exam was waaaaaaay harder than the tryouts. Am guessing my class got the unlucky exam?

I am sooo pissed off at diknas right now. First of, why do you have a school exam when what decides me from graduating or not graduating is the national exam? If I got 10 on my school exam, and got a 3 from my national exam, that means I don't graduate, right? Why the hell would you need a school exam? Are your brains distracted by something? I'm just really pissed off.

I might only be a student, but I kinda have the right to talk about this.

Moving on------ I just went swimming this morning! It feels so great to be swimming again. I honestly feel super duper fat this week. All I've been doing was studying, blogging, watching movies and eating. Oh and also praying. On Wednesday night, I laid down on my bed with a hot cocoa next to me and my laptop in front of me. I was watching Lizzie McGuire. I miss it so much. I miss old TV series. And by that time I was like.....


So I decided to swim! And I'm also on the process of getting taller lol

I'm joining the Times Bookmark Competition! The winner gets a 500k voucher from Times & Scholastic! If I could win that I would be the most joyful girl evah.

So I have to go now, I'm going to the Jakarta Conventional Center for the Inacraft exhibition with Trista and tante Ayu. Oh and I think my fanmail to Josh Hutcherson is already at his hands! ;)

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