Sunday, April 29

Drizzle and Hurricane Love

Ya okay this is probably the most random post opening ever......

Anyway, it's Sunday already so that means: s c h o o l

But I am very happy for school tomorrow because there won't be anymore studying for me! For these last 2 months being a 9th grader, my class will be making our yearbooks, planning our farewell trip, and our very last Parents Presentation together. 

Nowplaying: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

This song reminds me the time my friends made Nobel a surprise party. We had this song at the loudest volume on the car and sang it together. Our singing was horrible. Nuff said. I am very nervous for the exam results. I am hoping, and very much hoping (crossing fingers) to graduate and pass 9th grade with good exam scores. Please please please let me get what I want.

I forgot to tell you what I did on Saturday night!

So at 5pm, I arrived at Fara's house and took a bath. Fara was all set with the outfit for Rahma's birthday dinner, while I was still in my hobo clothes on. We went to a shop and when we got there, the shop was almost empty. The things in there was brought to Bandung for a bazaar, so we had no other choice but to buy the leftover ones (leftover doesn't seem a very good word, eh? :s) After that, we went to Rahma's house and Nobel also came, so we got ready with our own outfit, and yes, I didn't look like a hobo. But FYI, I wore Converse sneakers. Oh love. I wore mum's white blazer-like top and Rahma's skirt. I wanted to use my own skirt but the girls wouldn't let me. I wore a ceramic Earth necklace, and the girls was like...... "uh okay Jan. You can wear the necklace, but you have to wear this skirt." So I did. The AC at Rahma's room was very hot so we moved to her parents' room. We got ready and watched Charlie St. Cloud there. Suddenly, Fara, who was in front of the mirror, shouted. She saw an insect walking on her clothes when it was actually walking on the mirror. But it wasn't a normal insect. It was a: T O M C A T. Well, atleast that's what we think it is. It was tiny and had yellow & black striped for it's saliva holder(?) It was scary. And I told Rahma how to take it down. Rahma took a boxer and watered it. Bravely, she covered the tomcat, but the tomcat sort of fly or jumped, and the four of us just jumped and ran out of the room. I rolled above the bed and Nobel pinched my arm, which hurts bad. We took everything from the room and was like.......... 

Fara: OMG
Nobel: OMG
Rahma: OMG

At 6.45, we decided to go to the restaurant. It's a new place called Pondok Kemangi. 

 Sipit, Membelo, Belo

"Panas juga ya huh" kata Nobel sambil membuka kardigan yang dimiliki Rahma

Nobel, Fara and I hid the gift we bought for Rahma. Fara and I were like..

Fara: You bring it
Me: No you bring it
Fara: Here take this
Me: No take this

Nobel was keeping Rahma busy so she wouldn't see the gift. When we arrived, Wibi, Dimas, Randi, kak Indra, Thalia, and Olin were there already. Manda and mas Calvin also came at the same time with us. And then Ef'She (Dera, Alif, Rama and Adya) came. Jaja was also with them. Ghalda and Novi came too. Bintang and Jasmine came and Jasmine was in the wrong dresscode. She wore black. Yah. We ate, and talked, and took pictures. The night was fun. Everyone seemed to be having fun. But there was ONE important thing missed in the party. Crabs. There were no crabs because they had run out of crabs. How sad was that. But it was a pretty amazing night.

Pemenang anak layang-layang 2012

Bapak, Ibu, Anak

Kembaran 1, Kembaran 2, Anak nyasar

Si Duo Kembar

Mas-mas Java Jazz sama mba-mba toko kue

Kakak-adik Paling Bahagia se-Jagad Raya

Berpakaian rapi seperti Putri. Bertingkahlaku seperti Mumi.

I swam again this morning. I really am on the process of getting taller. Wish me luck! 

I am liking this quote, no, poem? I'm not sure what type of writing this is, but this is an amazing writing. One of my favourites.

"Just like that.
From a hundred miles and hour 
to asleep in a nanosecond.
I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch,
to wrap my arms around her and sleep.
Not fuck,
like in those movies.
Not even have sex.
Just sleep together, in the most innocent sense of phrase.
But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend,
I was gawky and she was gorgeous,
I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating.
So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk,
thinking that,
if people were rain,
I was drizzle,
she was a hurricane"

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