Sunday, April 8

Fresh as Daisies



I saw how he remade the movie and the details, how the Titanic went down. And I just knew that the Titanic went waaaay down up to 3 kilometers. It was sooooo cool. And all the gadgets, gizmos, whozits and whatzits are still there! Although there's this beardy guy who said all those artifacts smells like the dead. But then he told that when he was in the lab, observing the artifacts, one of the guys opened a leather bag. And when he opens it, the whole room smells like fresh as daisies flowers, and the green windy grass. There was a small bottle that contains perfume. And oh honey, the guy who tells that cried during the interview. Can't you imagine it? When you're in a room full of things since 1912 and there's one small bottle that freshens up the room? Oh how wonderful it would be, just to smell the love of the sunken ship. 

And so, as I watched and watched, I saw Rose, and yes, the real Rose Dewitt Bukater Calvert who was in the Titanic long ago, saw the animation of the sunken ship. I forgot what she said about the animation, but what she meant was that the incident was an unforgettable tragedy and very different from what she was seeing in the screen.

But I didn't watch the documentary until the end because I had to make this post before going to bed. Erk guys, I have been making a lots of typos in this post. Those red-coloured word are the ones I typed it wrong before. Okay so maybe it isn't that much. 

By the way, I am having my ulcers again :( I accidentally bite my inside cheeks more than twice. and the ulcer on the cheeks made its way to my gums which hurts bad.

Oh and today was okay. I went to my cousin's house and I studied (YES I STUDIED) and I watched TV and ate. I watched a lot of thriller movies on THRILL CHANNEL today. Mostly Japanese though. Ring 2 and Dark Water. And um, I also watched Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Threader, Enchanted, Finding Nemo, and um what else? I didn't watch every movie full though. Oh and there were lots of food today!!! So happy. 

Well, it's 10.30pm and I am really hoping some people would read this. 

PS: I added kak otakodongnius' blog to my exquisite blog list. Read her blog for more Indonesian literature. It is an amazing blog. I really love her writing. It's beautiful. 

Quote of the day:

"Kalau napas tuh hirup oksigen, jangan kenangan. Biar gak sesak napas." 
"If you breathe, breathe oxygen, not memories. So you won't have to choke." 
- @otakodongnius



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