Sunday, April 1

I've Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine

Hi guys!

Before I start, I just want to say that my weekend's best describe by this picture:

So, yesterday was the Swara Mahardhika's 35th anniversary. HAHA omg I danced like.............. I am sorry but I can't really tell you guys what happened because it was such a embarrassment. All you guys need to know is that after dancing, we went back to Widyarini. And Kak Chitta, Kak Cempaka, Mas Ogi, Mba Dania, and I went home late because we ate lunch at Widyarini first. We talked about Mas Ogi's clients who sang like... yikes I forgot what he called them but they were HO.RRI.BLE. And we also talked about schools, and random stuffs.


I went to Citos with mba Dania and ate Haagen Daaz while waiting for Trista to come. She came and we went to Aksara. Aksara's probably the best place to come, especially when you're alone. Mba Dania was picked up and Trista and I decided to eat Froyo and we bought...... CINEMAGS! Yay I am soooo happy cause I finally got the Hunger Games poster!! EEEEP I can finally put it up next to my Harry Potter poster.


At 5.30 we arrived at Trista's house and I was having a sleepover at her's. I sleptover because we were going to do the Earth Hour together. It was kinda a ritual thing. So every Earth Hour, we would sleepover at someone's house and do random activities in the dark. And somehow, for 2 years in a row, Trista and I watched movies in the dark. Last year we watched Insidious. Or I think it was. And this year, we watched Pretty Little Liars S2 E17-21. We started switching off lights and electricity at 9pm. People turned it back on at 10, while Trista and I stayed in the room like prisoners, still in the dark, until 11. It was fun though. But we decided to do other things next year. We don't want to spend 3 years in a row doing the same stuff.



Goooooood morning sweethearts. I woke up with the feel of hairspray still on my hair. Erk I haven't washed my hair after the dance. We had (1)Nasi Udug for breakfast. And we went upstairs. I took a bath and washed my hair. Feeeels good. We continued watching the PLL marathon and we got hungry so we decided to cook French Toast, or as we like to call it, (2)Toast Bread, and Cadburry Hot Cocoa yum. At 1pm, we went down to have (3)chicken and rice for lunch. And we went back upstairs to continue PLL (again.). We were still hungry and ate (4)Noodles. It was raining so it was nice. We actually finished watching PLL S2 with shock faces and all, and we started to become weird. Well, we were always weird, but this time, we were weirder. We sang Pocket Full of Sunshine like Emma Stone on Easy A HAHAHA she was real funny there. We also followed Aria's voice when she was searching for Caleb and it was like.... "CAY-LEBBBBB! CAY-LEB!!!" lol. And also when Hanna was searching for her mum.... "MUUUUUUUUUM!!! MUUUUM!"

Well, after eating noodles, we were STILL HUNGRY (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY STOMACH) so we ate (5)bakso! yum :9 But since PLL was over, we watched Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events. The volume was sooooo small, and the volume on the laptop was full so we watched Mary Poppins, but then we were like.... "Julie Andrews was Mary Poppins right? Omg remember Sound of Music? I have 3 CDs but I'm not sure were it is..." "I remember having Sound of Music soundtrack when I was little, and the CD's all broken now and it's ripped and everything." "OMG WE SHOULD WATCH SOUND OF MUSIC" And we did! But at the middle of then movie, my dad picked me up so I had to go home. I went to citos and ate. I ate (6)Chicken Salad for dinner. So I ate 6 times today. nice.


And now I am home. Reading my PE summaries for tomorrow's FINAL exam. And also reading the new Betty & Veronica I just bought.

Happy April sweethearts!
^^^^ MY WEEKEND^^^^^

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