Friday, April 20

Memories are expensive!


I know I have been very talkative lately. It's been sooooo boring. Today I woke up at 8 and studied English for a while, and then went to Cibubur Junction with Nobel and Jasmine to watch Mirror Mirror. It was a nice movie.. But Julia Roberts didn't exactly fit in to be one of the antagonist character. Her very sweet face doesn't match the Evil Queen's personality. Anyway, after watching Mirror Mirror, I went home. I watched THE ARTIST. It was a very very very good silent movie. This is my very first time watching a silent movie but I am labeling it the most glorious silent movie of the decade! It was so real, when Valentin was going to shot himself in the mouth, there were no music at all, and seeing him like that just makes it more pressuring. His dog barked at him but it seems he didn't even heard the dog barked. And then Peppy came in and the world looks brighter. Not exactly though, I mean, it's a black and white movie. lol okay.

Then I had my math tutor from 7-9.

at 9, I changed and snacked and drank strawberry yogurt yum.

So at the end of the day, I spend this lovely Friday night with the most loyal and lovable boyfriend ever. My laptop. I plugged 2 of my USBs started digging up some old files. I found: movies. Lots and lots of movies. Pictures. Songs. Documents. And well, I think that's it. What's left to find in a USB. The movies I was talking about was the movies my class made when we were in the 8th grade, and also I found Langkah. I am going to post both videos in here! The first video we made in the 8th grade was called Frenemies. It was about 2 people who used to be friends, and they stared hating each other because of some misunderstood problem, but eventually they solved it out. The movie was good, but at the same time horrible. The directing was horrible. The costumes was also horrible. I directed it. I suck. But it was the very first movie my class made so it was a good start.

And the second movie is called Langkah. I've probably mentioned it a few times in my previous posts. The movie was entered at the High/Scope Film Festival. We won 3 awards: Best Director. Best Scriptwriter. and Best Movie Editing. I am so happy because I won an award. Our school was one of the winners from 12 schools in Jakarta! We made this movie for about 3 weeks. We wrote the script and made the team for a week. We shoot about 1 and a half week. And edited and add the finishing touch for 3 days. 21 days in total. We worked really hard for the movie and it looks like we got something  in return.


Ohiya, did you guys know that Dream Theatre will be performing here on the 21st of April? Which means... TOMORROW! I am not really into rock bands and stuff, but my late teacher did and he said he was going to watch Dream Theatre. Erk too bad pak. And um these movies reminded me of my late teacher so much because he had always helped us planning and brainstorming and so. But you do what you gotta do, right? Like what Edna from The Incredibles said, "I never look back, darling. It distracts me from the now."

By the way, one of my bestie is sick! It's sad to know cause she'll be having her exams on Monday. We're praying for you, Far! Look what I made lol

I hate waiting. And I had to wait for soooooo long to upload some of the pictures I found on mu USBs. I'm so sorry you guys couldn't see it :(

SELAMAT HARI IBU RADEN ADJENG KARTINI! Thankyou for all the things you did! You made us girls feel proud about themselves and you manage to get us girls to school, without having to debate it with our parents. Thankyou for your actions. We couldn't make it here with knowledge without you. 

Have a goodnight.


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