Friday, April 13


Yes, I am craving for a rest. On rainy seasons, can't I just stay at home, wake up late, not taking a bath for a day, watch dramatic-romantic movies alone while eating macaronis and hot chocolate with marshmallows. And on hot seasons, can't I just wake up early, swim from 6-8am with a friend, watch dramatic-romantic movies while eating one bucket full of icecream and a homemade strawberry with milk juice.  All those things seems to be doable, but with all the activities I have and stupid schedules, I can't even have a day at home without homeworks. Pressure always seems to be my excuse of staying home.


 Right now, I at my dancing lesson place and I'm not even dancing. God I told them I just wanted to stay home and study or sleep or watch interesting movies just for these 2 months. And yet I am still here, accompanying my brother at his tennis lesson. I want to go home. I feel like shit and so tired. I'm sorry for the foul language. I just feel so tired right now. And I have school tomorrow AND IT'S SATURDAY at 8am. I'll go home after that, but I have private extra lessons at home which ruins my whole planning of relaxing alone.


 Ujian Nasional (National Exam) is honestly the cause of all my pain and pressure. I know my pain isn't as painful as Nick Javicac's or Hee Ah Lee's body, but this really tires me out. And that guy keeps hating me for sone stupid reason. IT WAS A MISS UNDERSTOOD. But I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm just going to let karma get through you. Feel the pain of being blamed by something you didn't do sweetie.


 I'm sorry for all the complaints I'm complaining right now. I know I should be grateful and thankful for what I have, but being treated like this makes me sick.


 Friday the 13th really is a beeatch. X

 PS: I'm making a fanmail to Josh. Here goes nothing.... :)

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