Saturday, April 14

Wishes and tips for all the seniors!

Ho oh.

I am a senior in junior high school. And I'll be having my exam in less than two weeks! Erk. My 12th grade friends are also going to have their exam tomorrow Monday, 16th April. I wish you guys a very good luck! Do the best and God will do the rest. My fellow 6th graders will also do their exams on May. Study much, you guys! You still have time!

So last week, my class and some teachers had a small gathering. We talked about our fears and worries facing the exam. And some teachers also gave tips that is really useful. Here they are!

1. STUDY A LOT. REST A LOT. One thing we should really do is studying. But too much studying would also cause pressure, and pressure means tiring, and tiring means forgetting. When you're at too much pressure, you got lost at your own weight in your shoulders and started to forget things you studied! So make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, go play outside! Swim, badminton, run, bike... Do something outside! And make sure you have plenty of sleep! My teachers told me a good way to study and sleep effectively. So in the morning, you study and study, and eat and all, at 7, you go to bed and then wake up in the middle of the night to study. Study for more or less an hour or so, then you go back to bed. So that way, you can sleep and study effectively!

2. NEVER BE LATE. When it is the D day of your exam, arrive at school 15 minutes before the bell rings. That way, you can relax and chit chat with your friends for a while. Because once you're late, you're probably going to run to your classroom. And when you took out your pencils, starts filling your name and all... And when you start reading the problems, you lost it. All the things you studied will be long gone. It's because you're nervous and tired from running and all. And when you remember nothing, you just feel like an idiot. So make sure you are never late!

3. TAKE A REST. The first number told you that you should have lots of rest. Of course you should! But my teacher expanded the 'take a rest' thing and explained more. You have 2 day holidays before the final exam. Stop studying. Go out. Have fun. Watch movies. Drink milk. Take pictures. Stop studying for a while and go outside! Write fan mails to Josh Hutcherson! Make a scrapbook! But at night, take some time, like an hour, to review all the lessons for the D day. Just an hour or two. But make sure you don't go to concerts or late-night parties, because staying late outside would make you sick and you wouldn't want that.

4. LEAVE IT TO GOD. The D day is here! Arrive early and don't study! One of my teachers said that if you're still studying in the morning before the exam, that means you are still nervous. Don't be! If you have a question, make sure you ask your friends or your teacher before it starts. So you're sitting in front of a paper with 40-50 numbers of problems in total. Close your eyes and pray. God knows how hard you've struggled for that day. Open those papers and leave everything to God. He appreciates your effort and He'll decided whether you'll make it or not. Try your best and God will do the rest.

So those are the four great tips my teachers gave me. Don't forget to sharpen your 3 pencils before the exam. Pray.

In this post I've been using the same quote again and again. And as you know it, yes:

"Do your best, and God will do the rest."

Good luck to all the Seniors. 
We're in this together. 
Hope to pass with the score target. 
Hope to succeed 100%.

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