Tuesday, May 8

Back to the 70s and poo.

Currently listening to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday, waiting for the kwetiau I asked my maid to buy, and trying to move my lazy ass from this not-that-comfortable chair to do wudhu and pray. My class will be having our final Parents Presentation on the 9th grade. Yikes. No more PP with them? So dissapointing. This class has always been the most artistic and cooperative class I've ever known. My pals are just awesome. I won't spoil the PP storyline but I'm going to tell you the theme! Drum roll please....

BACK TO THE 70s!!!!

How awesome is that? My friends and I did a bit of research for 70s clothing, and holy mother of polkadots, it was amazing!!! The wore floral, polkadots, triangles, and abstract patterns. The outfits were all so colourful. The pants were cute. I can't imagine how the boys would look in a 70s outfit lol. After I researched about the 70s clothing thing, I was amazed and hypnotized by its awesomeness, I decided to go for a CHEAP shopping spree. And yes, again I caps locked the CHEAP. I'm searching for a thriftstore in Jakarta. All below 200k? I'm also wanting leather pants and skirt so baad. Any suggestions?

NO MORE CLOTHES.Skipping clothes and now.

I'm going to tell you what I did today. Rahma & I compiled glee performances, and we got You Should Dance Now by Bee Gees. It's has the dopest moves of any other performances. Others did the music, decore, props and costumes for the PP. We also did the yearbook. Oh I also learned Al-Izhar's 2011 Hiffest movie -- Turning Tables'-- OST. It's called Selalu Ada. I just love the song. It's very easy-listening type of music. I also played the guitar! And I found the intro! Yay me! And you guys just can't believe where Rahma and I practiced the dance. We praticed it at the... SCHOOL CLINIC!!!!! We had no other quiet and empty place to pratice, so might as well be it.

I forgot to tell you what I did on Saturday.I watched The Avengers. Tom was amazing. I'm just in love with him.
And Robert Downey Jr., adopt me, yes?
Oh and umm... Chris Evans? Are we still on for Friday night? Can you pick me up at my dancing lesson? Love.
I ate my favourite Haagen Daaz flavour icecream, Strawberry Cheesecake.
I got to buy rujak.
I ate at Rasushi. And I got so full.
There's like this very funny story okay. So Fara and I were walking back to Rasushi from Baskin Robbins, and we were talking about... Poo. Yes, poo. I won't tell you why we're talking about it. And then, while we're talking about it, a very good-looking guy walked behind us, and when he hear the word 'poo', he stopped for a moment and almost laughed.
Fara and I weren't embarass, no. Because we're professionals yah okay.

Did I write too much? I'm sorry for hurting your eyes.
Now Muslims, go take your wuhu and pray!

Not meaning to brag, but...


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