Monday, May 14

Cold as the Sun

I'm in such a hurry writing this because my battery is... wait no! no it's not dying! HEHEHE just got it charged. I'm at Teebox right now. Mum's doing someone's counseling. GAAH it's sooo cold in here. Good thing I'm wearing leggings. I ordered English Breakfast tea and having lasagna for dinner with my brother. I'm starving, and cold, and sick. I am going to have another ulcer :( Hope this almost-ulcer turns out to be a not-going-to-be ulcer. Today at school we practiced our parents presentation on the amphi theatre for the first time. And our PP is going to be on Wednesday. Our props and decorations aren't done yet. Our costumes haven't been decided yet. And I am just so hungry.

----- eating lasagna --------

ya okay I'm full. Today was very very very hot! We practiced twice in the amphi theatre and did the decorations in the class. I did the ATHANATOS bubble letters, and the colours looked like Dunkin Donuts' colour. And I also did a very special project.... And no, I'm not spilling it out to you. It's a secret display and you can only see it on Wednesday, 16th May- 9 am. I hope my sore throat will get better soon enough for the PP. So after the parents presentation, my class will be having holidays until the end of May. And on June 2nd or 3rd, our examination results will arrive! Hoping to be better than the prediction amen.

Oh right, on Sunday, I went to pick up my grandmother and went to Kota Wisata to drop off Julian at his friends' place but apparently no one was home. So we had lunch at Telios and I asked Nobel to come. So I ate Carbonara, she ate Nachos and drank this Lychee beer and she said it's good. So I tasted it and guess what. nope. Yah so I stick to drinking my Thai Ice Tea slurp.  After eating, I went to school to drop off Julian for his Jakarta City Night Tour with the school. The whole 5th grade and High School are joining, except for my class. Only Kecak performers join. Erk bummer huh.

And then I went to Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah to visit my cousin from mum's cousin! Ya Dito's in the hospital because of Dengue fever. So we took a visit and talked and watched Indonesian Idol for awhile...

Lol okay I look sooo small-eyed here.

So after visiting Dito, my grandmother, mum and I went to Lottemart Fatmawati to do the groceries, and then we ate Es Teler 77. So it was raining then, and I couldn't call my driver. We were panicking and everything, so mum walked around the side doors of the building and found my driver there. Phew.  Oh in the picture the top I wore's new teehee. I bought it at Matahari Citos for about Rp. 200k-ish but I got a discount. OH AND HAHAHAHAHA After I bought this top, I was with mum at Matahari and Fara was also there but at Timezone accompanying her little brother playing Animal Kaiser, and then she PING!!!-ed me and said that her brother's lost. So I literally ran downstairs and helped Fara calm down, and then when we went back to the Animal Kaiser place, her brother was there again. And innocently he said "I was searching for you but you weren't anywhere" when Fara was actually behind him, sitting. Ya 6 year olds.

Anyway,  I won't post what the PP decorations will look like before the PP. So make sure you watch, yes? love.

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