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If you guys asked me what my favourite song is then I'd have to answer this. I haven't really experience the meaning of the song but this song calms me.

And I'm back! I just had a 2-days gathering with the Djanos gang. We went to Puri Lembah at Ciawi and had team buildings, outbounds, campfires, and a whole lot more!

Saturday, 26th of May 2012
1: Uti, Kakung, Arique, Julian and I went there by Ila's car. We went from home at 9.15 am and arrived there at 11.30. I met my long-distanced cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and also nieces and nephews! (And apparently I was in the wrong costume.) We had lunch, prayed, played games, watched family-history slideshow and (of course) take pictures.

2: At the hill, there were 5 until 6 big tents and 6 or 7 small tents. Teenagers had 3 different tents. I was in a tent with the people I played around much with. I was with Ila, mba Gaby, Barqy, mas Adhim, Difa, Mima, and mba Nyno. After packing down our things in the tent, we had more team building games. There were about 14 persons in each group. The group's a combination of the second and third generation. My group was called 'HORE!'. We played a with a small-wooden maze and we must find a way for a ping pong ball from the starting line to the finishing line. The second game was to move plastic balls from the beginning to the end using half-cut pipe. The third one was awesome. We had to jump rope all together. Not all of us joined it though, only those who still can jump. We were the only team to jump for 9 points! :D Next was passing balls through different ways (up, down, right and left). Oh I remember a fun one. So the whole group lines up in one line with our legs open. We count ourselves up to 10. The person in front holds a small plastic. The game director was kind of the commentator for the game, and the last number he said has to go to the back of the line and crawl below everyone and at the front they have to blow up the plastic bag until it makes a 'boom' sound. I got into second place lol. After the whole team games were done, we gathered everyone and became one group. The game was to keep the candle up to the end of the field, but the PICs will spray us with water guns. (Since I was the smallest one in the whole teen cousins), I had the first try to bring the candle and everyone covered me from being sprayed by water. We were almost there but the candle got sprayed. So we got back, and om Dadan decided to try. He puts the candle below his tshirt and I was like... "okay... Don't get yourself burnt, Om" We kept our heads close so no water will come from above, and we made it! Yes we made it to the end of the field.

3: Bath, dinner, watched slideshow, family history from the first generation, family history games, sang along with mas Adhim's ukulele. Oh, at dinner, Bianca was searching for a small fork. And then she was like...

Bianca: Is there any small spoon?
Me: Umm.. Here Bi, this a small spoon. Do you want the big one or the small one?
Bianca: No.. I want a small garpu
Me: Ohh, I don't think there are any small garpu anywhere
Bianca: But I need it for that *points to her food*
Me: Oh I have a small fork, but it's from plastic.
Bianca: *takes the fork from me*
Me: What do you say?
Bianca: Thank you

At 10.00, the third generation were gathered in the field. We were going to have Jurit Malem (I don't know what's it called in English, but it's some kind of night trekking but people will scare us and we were allowed to only bring 1 torch). I was grouped with mba Nyno, mba Icha, mas Pras, and mas Sandy. I was the only one in that group who still goes to school. The others were in college, working, and even had some kids! So I was kind of lucky. But my group had the last turn, so we went at 11.00. We went down the hill through very slippery stairs, so we hold on to each other's shoulders. And we met om Johnny and om Budi on the first post. We answered some questions and called ourselves "The Last". We continued and we met om... I forgot. Our group tagline was "Save the Best for the Last." And again, we continued. and met other uncles. We created our group yell-yell and we probably had the worst yet, simplest yell-yell ever. "We are the last one. Uh! But we are the best. Auuuuh!" After that we went to another post and we have to decide a boyband action for the campfire. Some uncles tried to scare by moving the big leaves, and throwing huge leaves infront of us. At the end of the post, we had to practice our performance and to show it on the campfire.

4: While waiting for the PICs to check our answers, we joked around and waited, and waited. Then we performed and ate grilled corn (?). We went back to the pendopo and rest. Then at 12.30 we went back to our tents. My tent was very noisy. And all of a sudden, (If I'm not mistaken) mas Rian went to our tent and slept there. So there were the 9 of us with only 6 beds.

Sunday, 27th of May 2012
1: Woke up at 7 and had breakfast. Sat and did nothing for an hour, and at 8 we got ready for the outbound! The first one was the little kids to play Flying Fox. I met Bianca, Monte and Takea while passing by their tent.

Me: Monte where are your clothes?
Monte: *he was only wearing his underwear* I don't know... I'm waiting for mba
Me: Bianca where is pants?
Bianca: It's with mba...
Me: Where's mba?
Monte: I don't know.. I think she's there *pointing to the pendopo* Mbaaaa!
*Mba came with clothes in her hand*
Me: Come here Monte let me dress you up. Are you going to play Flying Fox?
Monte: Yes
Me: Do you bring any shoes?
Monte: No, only that *points to his Crocs*
Me: Bianca, do you bring any shoes?
Bianca: No....
Me: Taqea sepatunya mana? Katanya Taqea mau main.. Pake sepatu ajaa
Taqea: Gak mau pake sepatu! Pake ini aja biar adem
Me: Monte, say what?
Monte: Thank you...

AWWWW. I just love them. At the kiddies Flying Fox, Bianca and Takea had to fly together because they were too light to go alone. Aww :3 At 8.30, us bigger kids and some adults practiced for the high ropes. I was grouped with mas Sandy, mas Tessi, and Ifa. At first, we climbed a tall red tower and it was very very tall. Got shivers all over my body. And then we had to cross to the other plank by walking onto wooden sticks. It wasn't that tricky though. The next one was to hold hands to each other and walked from plank to plank to get to the other tower. We had to be really careful because the gap was a bit big so we had to walk with big steps. After that we had to do the trickiest part. There were little square planks for us to step on, but if we're not balance, the plank could turn and turn. I was nervous over there, and we still had to hold hands! Ifa didn't want to go at first but she wanted to go down by Flying Fox so she had no other options. After the plank walking, we had to walk above a rope and there were wooden sticks to hold on to. The trickiest part was the square plank walking for sure. After that we went down by Flying Fox!

2: It was hot, hot, hot! So Ifa, Difa, Ivan, mba Sacha, mba Nyno, mas Rian, mas Wiman and I decided to go for a swim. At the swimming pool, there was Arique and we swam for less than an hour lol. But we'd probably took a bath almost an hour... Then we went back to the hill. It was very tiring! At the hill everyone was set and ready to go. We took one last picture before the event ended. Then we went home.

I wrote a lot, didn't I? I haven't got the picture though. The pictures are awesome! I'm soooo sorry if you guys got your eyes dizzy for reading this post. But I just wanted to share this incredible experience with you guys.

Lots of love <3


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