Tuesday, May 15

Heart attackackackack

Ya I almost had a mini heart attack. Almost. A friend of mines suddenly PING-ed me on BBM and said that he's lost. He didn't know where he is an his Blackberry is out of battery and he doesn't have his dad's number, and his mum's at work and well for no reason he told ME that he's doomed. So ya I had this almost-mini-heart attack syndrome but nonetheless it has stoppen and I told his mum and his mum said he's alright. When I knew he was lost I kept thinking I was CSI and what will I do lol. Let's hope he'll be at the Parents Presentation tomorrow, yes?

I practiced for the last time, the Parents Presentation, today. Instead of taking a rest, I was in panicked and getting sicker and sicker. The display for the PP is AWESOME. Yes. It really is AWESOME. You guys should see it for yourself tomorrow at 9am. It's colourful and very funky and unique. I'm lovin' it. I don't know what will happen tomorrow. My class only had a week for preparation and 2 days practicing in the Amphi Theatre. Our preparation's a mess but hopefuly there result will be as exquisite as the display!

By the way, I watched Lizzie McGuire the Movie today. I'm happy. So very happy. Well not exactly. 50% happy 30% tired and 20% mini-heart-attack-syndrome feeling.

Well I'd better go. I haven't been sleeping 7-8 hours these last 2 days and I feel like crap. I kept sleeping at 11> and waking up at 5. Huh. Goodnight love! Have great dreams!

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