Thursday, May 10

Hot chocolate throaty phone cake

I am now sitting on my car seat, with an iPad on my lap, a pillow under my back, a phone on my left, a sweater on my body and listening to Prambors. My throat is killing me! I've been dancing for the day, figuring out dance moves for the parents presentation. I feel soooo tired! It's really weird how dancing can affect sore throat. Everytime. EVERYTIMEI dance javanese, or betawi or just like normal dances not traditional, my throat hurts soooo bad. I don't know if it's me who's lack of water or its just like that.... It's kinda weird, don't you think? Erk.

Ohiya, happy birthday mas Calvin! Us girls made oreo cheesecake for him! It's tasty, but it's tooooo creamy. But all effort's counted, yes? OH AND YOU GUYS CAN'T BELIEVE THIS BUT MY PHONE GOT SPILLED BY VERY VERY HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! How sad is that.... And now my phone monitor smells like hot chocolate, and it's sticky... Ugh. I am veryyyyy hungry right now, and so I bought fillet-o-fish on McDonalds. My throat hurts so bad :( huhu get well soon throaty. Me wuff you. Love.

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