Friday, June 1

Monalisa Smile

happy 11th birthday little brother! hope you won't be as weak as you used to, and won't cry easily.

so i  named this post 'monalisa smile' is because I am now watching it on fox family movies. it's exquisite watching julia roberts and kirsten dunst in the same movie.

on wednesday, 30th may, my friends and I had our yearbook photoshoot. we took it in a secret place (lol because if you knew where we took it, you'd probably laugh your hearts off). oh i (finally!) watched titanic! although i watched it in 2 different days, i finally watched it. i have never been able to watch the whole movie until wednesday. after watching titanic, fara and i went to the central park swimming pool and swam. dimas, randi, rahma, nobel and marcell came by too. we swam and we met a kid called chace. he was 1 year and 7 months old. he went there with his grandpa. we played with him, but too bad he isn't allowed to swim, due to not-so-clean water at the kiddy pool. because of our overly love to titanic, when we were swimming, fara and i pretended to be like rose and jack. we pretended to be very cold, and we shouted

fara: "jack!"
me: "rose!"
fara: "jack, i'm here!"
me: "we're going to be alright..."

and everyone else was starring at us. titanic was absolute. nuff said. we swam until 5pm and then we took showers. at 6.30, we searched for a place to eat. nobel and marcell bought fried rice and we ate it at saint cinnamon. i ordered their very hot and tasty lasagna and i just took sips of other people's drinks. at 9, we went back home. i sleptover at fara's house. we picked out unused clothes for the garage sale (which i'm not sure when we'll have it. probably this weekend), and we slept at 11.30.

thursday, 31st may, i woke up at 6, and slept again. i woke up at 8, and slept again. and this time (for real) fara and i woke up at 10.45. we slept 11 hours and 15 minutes in total. we're like cows. like super huge and lazy cows. at 1.30, fara, kevin, fara's mum and i went to cilandak town square to have lunch. we had korean. and this funny-yet-absolutely-expensive experience happened. fara, kevin, and i were on our way to the photobox place, and kevin wanted to join, so we let him. and accidentally, kevin pressed the next button when i haven't chose which photo layout we were going to have. and here's what happened:

thanks kevin. after this picture was taken, we took another picture, but with a different layout. turns out to be not so great. but with a little bit of technology, we made our not-so-great picture, into something like this:

we took both pictures for 70k idr. i feel so heartbroken. after taking pictures, we accompanied kevin to timezone. fara and i played race car, rode the simulator, and we took pictures (again) for 20k idr. so total price for all pictures taken is 90k idr. good job. we went to starbucks, and i nearly forgot my wallet. honestly, i feel so clumsy yesterday. and mum blamed me for everything, well, i guess i could get used to it.

and today, is my brother's birthday. i woke up at 10am, my grandparents came, and the reset of the gang will come sooner or later to celebrate julian's birthday. i have dancing lessons at 4pm, julian has tennis lessons also at 4pm. oh, julian's cake will be oreo cheesecake by secret recipe. yum!

  twin from another family
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