Saturday, May 19


Hoah. This very solid tummy of mines is full of awesome-tasting hotel dinner!! So tonight, I ate (according to what i ate)...

Sushi, roasted chicken, roasted duck, prawn, prawn saffron sauce, creamy spinach, tuna tortilla, strawberry mousse, blueberry cheesecake, fruit tartlet aaaand fruits.

I am absolutely full. Out of words. Eniwei, I ate all these yums and crumbs at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel. My (blablabla) works here and is a senior there so she has a room here and so my cousins and I are staying here for 2 nights. Last night, my aunt, grandma, Arique, Ipah and I slept here. I did lots of activities last night. Made animal puppets and clay jewellery box. Lol i have no idea how to spell jewellery.

I heard Trista lost her phone. Hope she gets it back tomorrowwwww. I don't know what to write because I am still so full. ohiya haha i am so kampungan when I got here because the lobby's awesome!! It's very artisty and modern. The bathroom has no doors. So the bathtub is outside and the place to pee, i forgot what it's called, and the shower has transparent doors. So Arique, Ipah and I took a bath together in our swimming suits and then had our showers. I remember Ipah peeking at her mum when she's showering. Oh I forgot to tell you! Ipah is my 3 year old cousin. Her real name's Alifa but I call her Ipah. Picture coming below!

So goodnight, love! Have a great night! Btw so sad couldn't watch Maliq Nd' Essentials at SMA 55's show. Huhu. Next time I guess:( GOODNIGHT LOVE

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