Thursday, May 17


Bonjour. Just watched news about a French culture and arts exhibition for the next 2 months. Oh Happy Ascension of Jesus Christ for those who celebrates. It's Thursday and I'll be having my creambath and I'm going to cut my hair!! The last time I cut my hair was on the end of December. Now it's too long and too thick, and I just wanna cut it before all of my holiday activities starts! So I'm having my 2-weeks holiday. The others will be having their exam next week, goodluck sweathearts! Oh guess what? My class just did their last Parents Presentation together. I am so going to miss performing with these guys. They cooperate easily and, well, I just love them too much. I'll be spending another 3 years in the same school without them. They made my 3 years of puberty special and amazing and just awesome.

My Parents Presentation's about the projects and conflict and normal stuffs like that. It's actually a normal PP, but what makes it unique is that

1) We took the storyline froom High School Musical 3: Senior Year
2) Our PP is themed 'Back to The 70s'

So we danced like the 70s, wore our outfits like the 70s and thr display was also 70s like.the display board was covered with square colourful newspapers, and there was 2 silluetes (spell?) who boogied. Well, I'm just going to give you the picture after the post.
Seen it? Even the display's awesome! So, storyline?

There's going to be a performance and Janis & Rahma was the opening dancers. And the best students who contributes can get a scholarship. Wibi, Janis' twin was incharge of the show. Rahma & Janis danced and they did dirty plans, but they realized what they did was wrong, so they became friends. At the end, Wibi won the scholarship because his leadership skills and creativitiy was beyond.

I don't think you could see the HSM storyline there but when you watch it you'll probably realize. After the PP, my friends and I went to Ayya's house and they swam but I didn't because I was sick.

Remember the post about my lost friend? Well he's back. It appears to be that he got lost from Cibubur to Universitas Kristen Indonesia which is at Cawang..... So he took an ojek and angkot to Cibubur. While I was panicking, all he said was "What an interesting night" huh.

I think I am very very very very super duper extremely tired because the salon girl who is massaging my neck normaly makes my neck feels like crap. Hhh. Thank God for this creambath. Just what I need. Look at my new hair lawl u can't see the difference.

I stayed at Eyang Gurit's place after going to the salon. I did nothing but watched films and eat. I am now officially labeled as a potato couch. I am now watching American Idol! I vote for Jessica and Phillips!!!! Kay I think I wrote too much. Have a great Thursday night! Much love.

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