Saturday, May 5


Hi. I'm still at the car. Mum's having this "short" meeting. I've been at citos from 11am until 10pm. That's 11 hours. And now I still have to go to this meeting. Gawd y. So, Today was.... Well. Today was luck. It's either you got really lucky, or just unlucky. And today well I feel both. I watched The Avengers with my friends. I ate my favourite Haagen Daaz Strawberry Cheesecake icecream flavour. I bought 2 new shoes. I ate sushi and beef bacon burgers. And I almost fixed my friendship with someone. In everything you do, what matters most is the effort, yes? GUYS. I feel so stupid right now. I kept seeing things that reminds me of something I don't want to remember. And sonetimes I feel like that friend who gives all kinds of advice, but never even had that experience before. And if I have never had that experience before, how in the world can I say "i know what you feel, man". I just wish for once in my life, I'd chose the correct path. And yes, I have always wanted to turn back time and just keep it easy. Not having these awkward talks. Or such distance. OH I am so full right now. I ate a double beef bacon burger at 09.30pm. How awesome am I? Btw, I'm going to have a small garge sale with my friends. Haven't decide the when and where, but make aure you keep checking my blog for more infos, yes? Love.

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