Friday, May 11


Alhamdullilah I've gotten 8,200 views on my blog! I made this blog since I was in the 6th grade. All of the old posts are scrap and junks. I'm not sure if it's 60% my views, and 40% of yours, but who cares! I'm just so happy that you guys could read and re-experience what my days were like. I'm just so happy sharing my stories with you guys! I know my writing isn't that good, and sometimes I mix Indonesian with English, but I'm really glad you guys keep reading. I was going to make this into a vlog but I'm lost of words (literally) My throat hurts and I can't really talk that much. So, thanks for reading my blog! Hope you guys will be an everlasting reader of this not-so-awesome-but-still-dope blog. love.

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