Monday, June 18

Aloha summer

no no. there are no summer in indonesia. because everyday is summer(?) lol okay. it's the holidays everybody!! i am going to bandung with the girls and my mum. she has a panadol thing about dengue fever. since i have nothing to do in this lovely city, i decided to join her (and apparently 5 of my friends wanted to come) so let it be.

i'm still at dad's office right now. waiting for mum to finish her work across the building i am in. by the way, i went to JOYLAND yesterday with mba dania. awesoooooome. zeke khaseli was asdfghjkllkjhgfdsa. i loved his performances. he wore masks (as usual) and oh i just love it! white shoes and the couples company was also swaying and very calming. i love their songs! dialog dini hari was charmibg! their songs are awesome as they are! and the band members were so humble and down to earth. stars and rabbit was gosh i am out of words. she's awesome. he's too cool. love love love both of them♡ and efek rumah kaca? full house!!!! joyland was fun. hoping to go to joyland again next year!!

i dob't have pictures with me right bow because i am writing from the ipad and there are only tumblr & soccer pictures here. i'll update/make a new post as soon as i get my hands infront of my laptop.

muchlove ♡

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