Sunday, June 3


you guys! my friends and i just had our very first garage sale ever. and it was a mess. well lots of ladies and mums came but they asked for a lower price too low, and due to naiives teenagers, we bargained into a higher price but they still got their price. it was a shame. bought a tshirt for more than 100k idr, but only sold it for 15k idr. how sad is that. good thing fara's mum came and stopped the bargaining from getting to low. and there was this lady who bought 21, i repeat, twenty-one items (including a bag) only for 480k idr. we were such failures. but we took a lesson from it, and decided to do and be better in the future. my friends (nobel, rahma, fara, vierra, randi and dimas) and i will be having a stand at kampung cina, kota wisata for one month but only on weekends. we'll be selling secondhand clothes, books, toys, dolls, accesories and food. i'll keep you guys updated on which day & things we'll be selling.

after the garage sale, we went to fara's house and had a mini meeting with fara's parents about how to organize our own stand. aftet our mini meeting, we had gudeg for lunch, and then i went to nobel's house. i read raditya dika's marmut merah jambu book (again) and played guitar. when i was picked up i slept all the way. i dropped off my grandparents to their house and when i woke up, my driver was parking the car in the basement. he said he was going to search for my mum because she didn't bring any of her phones. so i waited for half an hour and i panicked. i remember that humans aren't supposed to be in basements too long otherwise they'll ran out of oxygen, and die. i was afraid and panicked. so i changed my shorts into jeans, turned off the car and walked inside the mall. then i found my driver and we split up to search for my mum.

an hour passed. haven't found mum yet, so i went back to the car and asked my driver to park it outside the basement. when i was resting at the car, mum suddenly knocked on the window and my driver was behind her. i complained to her and told her, her blackberry was still on. asdfghjkl clumsy mumzy.

guys i just don't get why even the smartest boy in all subjects can't predict or guess whether someone's into him or not? or don't they know how desperate they look when they tweet 'too desperate' tweets? or how careless they are to all the things you said? questions like these pops up in my head like a ball (wait what?)

tonight was supposed to be the born this way ball tour hem. oh and congratulations kak andra alodita and kak abenk for the wedding!

i have no idea what else to talk about right now. goodnight love.


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