Friday, June 29


it's the 28th of june! happy birthday to my dad's older sister.

i went to school today to pick up my high school uniform. yes, i'm officially a high-schooler now. i don't want to be a high-schooler too fast. i mean, getting older is a trap, am i right? more problems, complicated ones, more gossip, more hair products, more clothes, and mood swings and all. but i do want to get my driver's license tho. no pain no game, yes?

after going to school, i went to rahma's house. i had lunch and we went to the salon. it wasn't actually relaxing... but at least i got my hair fixed. my hair's been such a mess this week. so i crumpled it up into a messy bun at all times. rahma and i watched videos of a group called boyzIIboys. they're indonesian boys who sings sometimes acapella or with a guitar. they're awesome, not like crappy boybands or so.

i remember a time this guy called rahma a few times, so i answered it and pretended that rahma was in the bathroom. and then he called a few more times. so rahma and i turned on the video of the boyzIIboys boys laughing loud, so the caller could hear boys laughing. i think we failed. i laughed tho, hard. and when i was going home, i shouted on rahma's phone

"bye (his name)"

after that, i went to my grandma's house to celebrate my aunt's birthday. alifa was there too. i played new games with  her. 98% of the game was to tickle each other. and she created the game her self. smart four year-old. i arrived at home at 11.30 and i asked mum if i could have a tent inside my room, and there would be a bed inside the tent at the new house, and she said yes. i can't wait to move. altho my current house area is the place where i grew up since i was 1 year old. but you've gotta move on and let it go, yes?

oh i remember this shop from the kemang festival last 2 or 3 weeks, called les couleurs dessin. it's an indonesian art decoration, furniture and interior design shop that has designs and qualities like an international furniture. it's awesome. i really like the furniture. thinking of getting one for the new house in the future ckck.

and well, yes! my 2012 summer getaway will come true! 3 days 2 nights at mambruk with a few of my closest family members. it's good to have a holiday that isn't too crowded, or too lonely. i'll be away on the 1st-3rd of july. so don't miss me. and on the 5th-8th i'll be going to baturaden adventure forest. it's an amazing outbound area over there. i spent my 2000-and something new year there, and it was amazing! outdoor/environment and adrenaline rush lovers have to go there!

anyways, have a goodnight sleep. and have a goodnight soccer watch for those who are going to watch the match between germany and italy! may the best competitor wins!

random picture of father and i

one of my favourite bed-tent layout

holiday destinations

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