Wednesday, June 6

head change

you guys i changed my blog header! it's not as full as the previous one tho. i feel less creative day by day. so farewell night is next week, and i haven't got any dress. (yes, every girl, even the most outrageously tomboy girl, should worry what they will be wearing at farewell night) and also community and service! the community and service will be on friday, 8th june. i can't wait for both of the events. any-who, due to sudden weather changes, and tiring activities for these past few weeks, i am sick. i cough and i blow my noes. i forgot to tell you guys the most important news of the week!

my class passed the national exam 100% alhamdullilah. it was a heart-stopping moment. honestly, i was very optimist about my class passing 100%, but the grades were probably a bit messy. atleast, mines was. my english was alright, my bahasa indonesia was also alright, my math was a bless, yet my science was um..... a joke. but i've moved on from the grave of my grades and now all i'm focusing on will be the yearbook project and graduation! i would looooove to give you guys a sneak peek of my yearbook project, but it's a secret. erk.

i am still searching for a prom dress u guiz. i am loving this brand called SPANISH MOSS. spanish moss also has a clothing line called AMERICAN GOLD, or is it the other way around? erk not sure. i am inlove with both lines. SPANISH MOSS has 2 kinds of online shops, vintage and non-vintage. i'd prefer the vintage clothing. so i checked their site, and all of the things are absolutely expensive. they have this OUT FOR BLOOD SUNNIES for $46.00. that's about 400 and something indonesian rupiah. and only for one sun glasses. aaaand i also want HEART MESH FLIPPY DRESS by TOPSHOP for £48.00. and again, it's tooooo much. i wish it was all free **nonsense talking**

oh right. i think i'm having more pimples urgh so sad. i should really sleep earlier to avoid these face-destroying things. my friend's talking about his girl crush right now via blackberry messenger, and i really have mothing to say to him. i'm being very low-quality of myself right now. i really don't know what's the cause, i feel so clumsy, and stupid, and just unwanted right now. gaaaah.

i have no plans for my holiday. i'd probably be selling my useless stuffs with my friends. my dad's going to bangkok for mixing a new movie. i really want to come, but i need an adult supervisor cause dad's going to be working 24/7 probably. and i am in a sudden craving of lomo. and i need my mum's guitar fixed. i just need everything right now :-(

so om adrie subono is going to sell the maroon 5 tickets this saturday. i hope mum gets free tickets or something. the price om adrie is giving is very expensive :-( btw, my friends and i practiced for our performance for the farewell party and graduation. i want the dress above me but it's very very very expensive (and TOPSHOP UK don't ship to indonesia! super upset!)

anyway, eyes going to shut down soon; hope i appear in your dreams, love.

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