Saturday, June 16

Last but not least...

now wearing: zara basic shorts, rmp black tshirt and a real madrid jacket.

julian got a real madrid jacket for his birthday present from someone, when he's actually into barcelona. so he gave it to me lawl. so happy. got a new jacket (although i'm also on team barca!)

anyways. i had my graduation and farewell night yesterday. no, my class didn't cry fyi.


i arrived at school and almost my whole class have arrived. we took personal, family and a class picture formally. and then we practiced our performance and took pictures.

with oliver stone

at 9am, the graduation began. we were very nervous. yet we're so happy we made it to the next level. but we're also sad to separate from each other.

after graduation, we took pictures (again) and again and again. i also took pictures with ardhi, naomi and ichiro! didn't took a picture with aria because she's somewhere over the ranbow :( but i met her mum tho, and kifo too! i also took a quick conversation with ardhi's mum. she asked me about my high school and everything. she was very nice! at 1pm, rahma, her mum, dad and i went to pondok kemangi to eat lunch. ate seafood, and we were all very full. then we went back to rahma's house and took a rest.

we went to nobel's to practice our performances for farewell night. we sucked so bad, we were creative enough to think a way out to make our performance cooler. we drew shooting stars, raindrops, 'december', burglars, smiles, and glances and we used it for our performance. by the way, when we were practicing, fara was so amazed with the animals at nobel's house (a dog and three chickens). she was scared with the dog but through the window, she knocked through the window and somehow spoke with the dog. and also, fara threw nobel's slippers to the chicken and the chickens jumped/fly and fara also jumped. it was very funny.

we didn't watch the clock, and we practiced too much (not enough actually, but we ran our of time). so i took a shower and at 6.15, rahma and i went to the salon to get our hair done. i had my hair braided on top and leave the rest to my left. rahma got ther hair curled/blowed. at 7pm, we went to school and arrived late (oops!) but no worries cause somebody got even later than us <3

performances, performances, performance. awards, awards, awards. games. eat, eat, eat. performances, performances. awards, awards, awards. performances. and blablabla until the night ended. although the routine seemed boring, we actually  had fun. pictures, eating, and listening to handsome guys (yes, they were handsome. only in this time of night though lol) playing their instruments is fun. but my heels/wedges weren't so fun. they were 11 centimeters tall.

jago alaynya mas bro

that night everyone took pictures with everybody. everything's just too precious to leave behind don't you think? ohiya btw, the photo up there is me with my new-yet-slow friend called fara. she's one of my best friends, and she plays in jakarta too so when i'm alone i usually ask her where she is and tadaa there we are together. she started at spi at grade 9 and at grade 10 she's moving again. it's like deja vu. what happened to nilam and i? best friends for only a year and then gone the next. we still keep in touch ofcourse. nothing could separate us. but it's really not comfortable you know. having a bestie for only a year and then she's gone the next. well, guess i can't do anything about it. live it or leave it, yes?

i went to waterbom pantai indah kapuk today to celebrate my brother's 11th birthday. i'm going to tell you the whole story tomorrow or the  next day.

and one more thing. i am done with my english story. not literally done, sih. but it's done for me. i've gotten in a badmood lately and i figured out the perfect ending for such a romantic story. 

She woke up.
She slapped herself and realized,
that it was just a mess. 
A non-fictional story that her mind made up.
A wish she had always wanted for her entire time.
Her mind hates her.
Her mind is playing with her
so she could dream away an entire lovely and romantic weekend,
but at the end,
her mind planned so she could fall down in her own
hopes and expectations. 
She went to the living room,
cooked herself an instant mac and cheese,
sat in front of the TV,
and did her everyday routine.
Watching romantic movies,
pity her non-existent love life.

And this, people, is the ending of a romantic story. I won't publish the whole story because it's too personal. I'll publish it to you guys sooner or later... or never.

goodnight love.

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