Monday, June 25


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i haven't post for a few days (felt like weeks!) due to mum haven't payed the internet oops. and my iPad  is out of credits. so. i went to bandung for a couple of days last week. it was relaxing/refreshing. and i'm probably going to the beach this weekend. and while i'm there, i think i'm going to turn off my blackberry internet. i'd really like an entire weekend without internet. so text me. and trista's going to brazil tomorrow! such a lucky gurl. gaah i forgot to post the joyland pictures! soooo sorry! the pictures are at home and i'm not at home right now. i'm going to post it this week, i promise, before i have my internet-free weekend. dad just got back from his bangkok trip and he got me a lomography sprocket rocket.

Here are pictures of the activities i did this week!

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