Sunday, June 10

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this morning i woke up at 8am and i watched.... HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS; BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TOUR CONCERT on fox family movies. reminds me of the old times. by the way miley's engaged with liam hemsworth. how shocking is that. they're a perfect couple, but it's kind of wasted. miley's getting married at the age of 19. seriously? anyway, i went to brightspot market at gandaria city yesterday with mum and bought a pair of shoes by naima, baby clothes by prospero and a blouse by radici.

at 10am this morning, i arrived at the kemang festival! it's their last day, so dad and i decided to stroll around the streets of kemang. it was crowded with local and foreign people. dad and i looked like foreign tourists. dad wore plain tshirt and shorts, with his camera bag and dslr at the hands. i wore floral-patterened midi skirt and a black tshirt, with flippers at my toes. there were kids dancing traditional dances, and there were also kerak telor, and other betawinese food that i'm not familiar with. at 11am, i went to kak dinda puspitasari's clothing line stand, called curious. i am so happy i get to meet kak dinda. she's awesome, very sweet and friendly! i bought black sunnies by curious for only idr 50k.

after i bought this,

dad: that's it?
me: that's it.

i did plan to go to kemang festival to go to kak dinda's stand though, and i didn't have anything else to buy. but strolling around on sunday morning was great. after i bought this, dad and i walked until the end of the festival. while passing hundreds of stands, a small stand with pink shoes and bags caught my eyes. it was beautiful. the shoes, the bags. they were sneakers (sort-of) with heels on their back. the brand was called raw footwear. the shoes were only 200k-300k idr because of the bazaar, but i wasn't allowed to buy another shoe. since the shoe i bought at the brightspot market costs 500k idr. but dad promised to go to the workshop sometime later. the shoes were just terrific.

at the end of the festival, dad and i rode the bajaj to dad's office because my car and my driver is there. then we went to gandaria city (again). dad and i watched PROMETHEUS on imax 3d. it was awesome. too awesome. i also ate at mrs. fields. tried the rainbow cookie. i also went to brightspot market (again). i wasn't planning to shop though. i wanted to go there to see kak sonia eryka. her boyfriend's clothing line called aye denim is having a stand there, and she was there to accompany him but when i got there she was already at her cafe. dad and i strolled around the exhibition hall, and we went to trista's house to pick up julian. i learned more guitar from mas dika, watched movies, and then i went home. due to boredom, my brother and i decided to... well, to rest our eyes from monitors. here's what we did:

lol dad took this picture

and right now i am very tired. i still have school tomorrow. i have to practice for graduation, and the class performances for farewell night, and finish the yearbook. oh by the way, i am starting to try to reach my top main goals (make PERAHU KERTAS the movie, have my own clothing line and my own restaurant) yes, those are my top 3 goals for the rest of my life. my goal right now is to finish all my school projects and have good holidays. right now i am trying to make my own clothing line. and yes, you might think i'm too young to have my own clothing line, but no. lots of designers and clothing line owners started their business since they were young. i got inspired to have my own clothing line by kak dinda puspitasari, kak sonia eryka and kak diana rikasari. i am also going to design my own clothes, yay! my friend owns a clothing line so i can learn a lot from her and her mum. wish me luck, love! have a goodnight sleep

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