Sunday, July 15

It is a Festival

and yes, this post is about cornetto summer festival. the cornetto summer festival is like indonesia's very own coachella. anyways,
i will be reviewing, retelling my fangirling activities, and the things i did after that.

2.15- endah n rhesa is finished i didn't even get to see them. i was officialy heart broken but pure saturday mended my heart again and so i enjoyed the music alone (singing: all by myself)

3.15- i watched hivi! for a few minutes and i waited for sir dandy but apparently i was in the wrong stage so i moved on to watching andien. i got a good view because i was in front. probably the second row, so i got good pictures. andien was awesome.

4.30- i searched for fara but she was at fx getting her hair done (ya i don't get it either. she's going to a festival but she's getting her hair done???) and so i went to the cornetto lounge, drank iced chocolate and exchanged voice notes with rahma. and ps: while i was drinking my ice chocolate, a greenbfly, tes a GREEN FLY went into my drink. and so that is the end of a very yummy drink.

5.30- fara arrived and we strolled around the venue. we wanted to have face paint or body tattoos but we were starving so we ate and it was too late to do anything else because maliq n d essentials are getting ready and it's full already!

6.15- so fara and i had to slip in between people, and at the end, we stood up on a tree-frame (what??) and stayed there along maliq's performance.

7.15- after maliq, there was this two djs and after that there will be project nine (a collaboration of ran and soulvibe) and i wanted to watch them. but fara and i waited 45 minutes before project nine started and we listened to club musics (which we're not really into) but there was this girl, she's not the perfect girl with the perfect body and perfect hair NO. she's well, has a big body, but she also has high confidence! when the dj spinned the discs, she danced like no one's watching (literally!) it's was entertaining to watch her very awesome and cool dance on the big screen. she really dances great. it's so.... modern.

8.00- project nine started. the singers were kak rayi, kak nino, abenk and bayu. they wore very royal clothing but still the bad-boy-in-a-good-jazzy-band kind of style. iga masardi also played his guitar there. i flied when iga played. i kept calling his name. not sure if he heard it tho. i almost lost my voice shouting kak rayi's and iga's name. huh

9.15- project nine finished. dev was next. i'm not a fan of her so fara and i go and get some drinks. we met thalia and her friend. and then we decided to go to fx and get something to eat. fara felt saf because she missed dev. she's not a fan but people said dev's performance was wicked.

9.30- at fx, when we entered the doors, a huge writing that says "the body shop" caught our eyes. lol no it's not the first time we've been there, but due to my own sweat and other people's sweat in my arms, we went inside the shop and tried on perfume testers. and that people, is one of the smartest ways to be fresh and smell fresh after a sweating activity.

10.00- after wandering around fx, we decided to eat at bistro delifrance. i ate escargo. best thing evah. and because mum is near to pick us up, we got the dude to give us the bill. and we has the bill joke.

10.30- we went to drop fara off at a restaurant where her parents were

11.00- pick up julian at my cousin's house

and now i am home.

so there are ups and downs on today's show, which are:

1. more like wasteland, not summer festival
sorry to say, but there were sooooo many trash and waste on the ground and it looked so gross. there should really be more trash cans or big black plastic bags nailed to a tree. joyland is a goo example of waste-on-the-ground free music festival.

2. good music, wrong venue
i know it's a summer festival, and there are huge music artists, but really? it's a small place for big music artists. it's a park. it's either to change the venue or the music.

and that is it. but the activities were awesome. they have this summer-related activities like walking on the water with a balloon, and surfing? they also have this huuuuge twister mat thwt people can play, and more awesome things. i had fun yesterday, i really did. and i just hope that the things i wrote above can be changed in the next ummer festival, yes?

This is Bayu from Soulvibe

The violinist from Andien

Behind the graffiti wall other people painted
Project 9 is awesooome

Pure Saturday rawks

Andien's pianist

Abenk from Soulvibe

Kak Rayi from RAN

Me and the graffiti I made. I wrote my name in pink, i repeat, PINK paint you guyz. 
Iga and kak Asta playing guitar this is so cool

Kak Nino having his awesome moment

Andien accidentally looking at my camera when I took a picture of her.

Andien and Nikita having their sweetest moment ever. Best picture I have ever taken.

What I wore: mum's floral dress, white converse, floral bag and jeans blouse

Maliq n' d Essentials

The fly in my drink

These are the shoes that got spilled by batik

So that's my day yesterday. Have a good day people!

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