Monday, July 23

Kicking and screaming

i have no idea why it is titled kicking and screaming. maybe it's the hunger that caused me to scream and kick and whatever else is needed.

so i am fasting, alhamdullilah. it is good to fast again, but what makes me sad about fasting is that it makes me crave so much food! so yesterday, i went to the salon with mum and got chocolate creambath. my hair smells really good btw. and then i showered potter (my dog). and then i went to margo city with mum's office boy only to buy starbucks' via red velvet roll. i wanted to eat that for a long time and i finally got the chance.

and since then, i have been checking food sites to make my self full. i wanted to make brownies, crepes, pancakes, cakes, pastas and everything that has strawberries on it.

btw, on the first day of fasting, mum, julian and i walked from home to the securite post and took an ojek to the red light and waited for 15 minutes for a cab. and then we were dropped off and waited another 15 minutes for my car to arrive. it was tiring. and then i went to my uncle's funeral, and then went to the burrying area and then went to pondok indah mall. i was really exhausted by then. mum almost faint. huh poor her. and thenn we went to eyang titi's house to take a rest and then we took a can to berlan to have the family prayer.

each ramadhan, my huge huge family would have a weekly tarawih praying session. it would be on different houses. it nice to meet the gang again, since i don't see them too much.

and now i am at my piano lessons, listening to playing god - paramore.

have a great day lovers!

*btw please ignore a picture of me. i just wanted to show you guys the braid i did and mum took this picture that is why it is super close.

*btwbtw food sources are from: and

*btwbtwbtw potter being a muslim

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