Sunday, July 1


i'm off to mambruk/anyer right now. posting from the ipad. listening to mum's shouting and anger isn't a good way to start the day. and asdfghjkl. i just want to have a good, nice, peaceful holiday, is that so hard? and my driver is very talkative yesterday. he said i haven't text him the address to where i was going when i already have. so i texted him 10 more times (the same text) i hope the beach vaca will be nice and just what i expected. and when i'm at baturaden, i'm praying so i could enjoy all the outbound and freezing waterfalls with my cousins.

after watching mr bean's holiday, i got inspired and decided to make my own holiday video.

here's my june-july besties:

1. Mark and Ashley's Contemporary Dance (SYTYCD)
2. Video-ing my holiday
3. The Best Day guitar
4. Fabitoria skirts
5. Rookie Road Trip pictures

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