Tuesday, July 31


it's weird, really weird, yes, to name a post lungs. yet i still do it. so i have been having some bad days (again) ugh it's like the sorrow never stops. so the downers this week are:

1. him being extra rude and uncaring.
2. friends not able to join the dancing trip to foreign countries.
3. one of my friend has this weird habit and some how i just don't like it.
4. and i don't know what else.

ugh he is being extra rude and i just don't want to talk about it.

i got an offer to dance with other students and dance in china and japan, which is really awesome btw. it's like a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and i really am praying so i could join them and the school would let me join (i'll be there for quiet long so it's hard to skip school. and that means i'll be missing lessons which means extra extra lessons eurgh) and i'm praying so my friends could also join me there. wish me luck you guys.

my friend has a huge crush on this-- you know what, i don't want to talk about her here.

by the waay, i had a conversation call with them friends yesterday (damar-ifa-tasya-andre). we talked for one and half hour. and after calling them, i had a video call with rahma. she told me how she have to wear a hijab everyday to school due to it's the holy month.

oh i am going to have a get-together break fasting with my old friends (i think), and my class will have the break fasting on tasya's house. well not the entire class. tasya, ifa, anya and i are planning to cook! yes, we made plans to cook lots and lots of desserts and dinner! i'll tell you what happen next week, and oh. i forgot to make my beach trip  video :-( so sorry! i've been piled up with math home works lately, and supplies to buy. i have to buy loads of art supplies for the new art class. i'll be having twelve, i repeat twelve projects this semester. yes this semester, not one years. so one project will have to be finished within two weeks. hoah.

oh guess what, i learned how to play skateboard. i nailed it. kind of. well, no. not that i sucked, but it wasn't that awesome. i practiced inside the house so it's not that space-y.

the good news about this week is that, my senior high school just had its accreditation test, and the teachers are super exhausted (i can tell, well no- bu gloria told me she was asked more or less seven hundred questions! phew #:/ ) hoping to get an A! eep!

for those who are fasting out there, here are some websites that will take out your time (but don't forget to pray, love!):

1. ROOKIE: a site for teenage girls (and yes, teen girls only)
2. FFOODD: a blog of food. i didn't close this tab for 3 days in a row on my iPad, and every time i'm home for school i'll be strolling around their site. very addictive.
3. NEAVE: it's an online photo booth. i spend my time taking pictures with my friends in class. it's really cool with all the rad effects and stuff.
4. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER TUMBLR: i am a zooey d and joseph-gordon l fanatic. i love them. and this site is my way to freedom, but this site makes me jealous of summer's and tom's relationship although it didn't work out in the end.
5. YOUTUBE: i've been through a whole lot of videos, like: christian the lion, rowan atkinson on the london olympics 2012 opening, sytycd dances, the clash and demon-heads video on scott pilgrim, and more inter-species love.

my favourite gif right now:

happy break fasting, lovers!

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