Friday, July 20

When the gates of Hell are closed

Allah's Apostle said, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained."

and yes! here were are on the months of ramadhan!

tomorrow i will start fasting. and the idea of me fasting is a great thing because i need to, umm.... have a teeny witty of weight loss? ya i'm gaining weight. and i will probably swim or play tons of basketball/skipping or just jumping around for no reason.

so, here are a few tips to have a great no hungry fasting!

1. eat carbohydrate
for those "anti-carbs" human beings out there, eating carbs won't obese you. if you guys don't want to or can't eat rice in the middle of the night, buy french fries or make french toast. or just make yourself a sandwich. food that have tons of carbs: rice, fries/potatoes, bread (waffles, pancakes), bananas, pastas

2. drink milk
everytime i have sahur (eat breakfast in the middle of the night -most likely at 3-4am- before fasting) i will never ever forget to drink milk. milk is healthy, and makes your tummy all filled up. it's either milk or yogurt.

3. fruits and fibres
honestly, the first time i heard of fibre, i thought it was fibre on clothing. but i guess not! first of all, fruits are always an important meal to consume each and everyday. so make sure you eat fruits before/after eating your big sahur meal, but make sure you keep the distance between eating them. (to aboid unwanted events) secondly, fibre is actually carbohydrate ppl! its benefits are: weight controlling, good for people worth diabetes, and since it has carbs in it, it makes you full.

4. cereals
my parents never let me have cereals for sahur. but for those of you who can't eat too much but wants a full belly, eat your favourite cereal and add fruits, nuts, cinnamon and honey to improve it. cereals that actually goes with fruits are usually oat meal, but you guys could try it with other cereals i guess.

5. vegetables
vegetables can help you decrease your cancer u kno. if you guys don't like vegetables, at least eat the fruits. plenty of them!

6. nasi telor
nasi telor is a very simple dish that i bet anyone can make. it is only rice and eggs. but within that, you could be full just enough! but don't forget to drink mineral water and milk!


a. do not ever forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed and/or after sahur.

b. drink lots and lots of mineral water to keep you away from dehydration

c. if you guys are sick but still want to fast, drink your medicine before you go to bed and while having sahur.

d. avoid drinks such as soda, coffee and tea while sahur

e. gargle your mouth 3-4 times a day to avoid bad breath (but don't swallow it!)


these are the thing i will give to you. happy fasting lovers!

btw, i posted a photo of my wrecked blackberry button. i think i clicked it too much and then it became like that.

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