Thursday, August 16

Achievement Unlocked

my family and i just had a one day-one night holiday trip to ancol. we arrived at ancol on tuesday, 5.15pm and bandar djakarta was a full-house already but lucky us! we got a table! dinner finished at 7.30pm. we ordered crabs, prawns, squids, fish, clams and kangkung. every bit of it was a delight. because eating seafood with peope who doesn't hate seafood a single bit is such a pleseant event.

the cottage at putri duyung was exquisite. trista and i became super duper norak. we jumped on the bed and then we went upstairs and laid down on the twin bed to book our sleeping place. we went ti the bathroom and was like: "BATH TUB! there's a bath tub in here!!!!" lol. the view from the cottage was a lake, and it was awesomeeeee.

we played just dance on wii. all of us cousins danced, aunties also joined. it made us sweat eventho the room was air conditioned.

at 9pm, we drove to the beach which is only like 10 minutes away from the cottage. it was windy and dark, but i slipped my feet to the cold clear water. the babies made sand castles. trista, mas dika and i saw a stage and we danced like no one was watching (there were people watching us from a distance i can tell. they were sitting on the stairs and were looking at us lol)

mba dania and her dad arrived and we went back to the cottage. slept at 11.30ish. had sahur at i don't really know when cause i didn't bother to look at the clock. woke again at 9am. took a bath at 11ish. i sailed my paper boat in front of the cottage to the lake. adya helped me sailed them. and we checked out after lunch time.

at one pm, we went to seaworld because it's been a very very long time since everyone came there. the eight of us went in and the first thing we saw was a DUGONG. it's like an ugly mermaid. but they're so huge and cute it looks so good to be used as pillows. we also saw piranhas. i kept imagining what would happen if the tank was broken. or if the speed racer incident would happen. that would be really funny. i mean scary.

we moved around for an hour and then went back home.


push me, touch me, until i get my... satisfaction!

with the piranhas

our sleeping area

view from the cottage

hi imma puff fish from finding nemo

more pictures coming soon! btw, perahu kertas is out now! haven't watched it tho lol. but make sure you guys will! it's a very very good story.

this post is called achievement unlocked because of this picture right here:

have a great holiday, love!

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