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Dear Neptune

written on: august 17th midnight
posted on: august 18th morning

happy independence day, everyone! it's the seventeenth of august, the sun is shining, and it seemed like a good day to watch perahu kertas. by the way have to guys watched tanah surga... katanya...? for those lazy indonesian asses who don't want to get up from a comfy chair, go to the movies, like right now, and relax while watching tanah surga. it's so.... indonesian. the spirit of indonesian people living in the outskirts or kalimantan, at the separation line between kalimantan and malaysia. pleaaaase watch.

so i woke up this morning at 10.17 am hahah i am such a cow. i watched scott pilgrim (again). it really cheers me up, so if any one is reading this and knows i'm in an ugly mood please make me watch scott pilgrim kay? i took a bath and did all things that must be done.

and at 1.30 my family and i went to citos. my cousins and my brother wanted to play at timezone so i accompanied them. i wanted to watch perahu kertas so badly so i went to 21 and bought the movie tickets for 14.40. (i bought the tickets at 14.39. i am so lucky) i got five empty seats in the middle row and it wasn't that crowded so i was extremely happy!

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movie review!:
overall perahu kertas part one is beautiful. i can't wait for the second part. i do find some things bothering me tho, like some very important details missing out (how kugy is unable to draw, eko and kugy has been friends since they were in junior high, and some a few more.) honestly at first i thought the movie was going to suck. i really think so, but it really wasn't. and my favourite chapter from the book was missing. the "bulan, perjalanan, kita" chapter was my favourite chapter of all chapters. the connection between keenan and kugy is getting real. i loved it so much, but the movie didn't exactly show it. and no pisang susu :(

maudy ayunda played a very realistic kugy. although if maudy ayunda was a bit shorter she'd make the most perfecct kugy ever in the whole wide world. elyzia mulachela was a good-sort of luhde. her face doesn't really represent the balinese girl, well at least from what i see. but how she talks and the accent is pretty good. reza rahadian is unbelievable. i love him so much. when i first read the book, i always knew that the perfect person to play remi is definitely reza rahadian. no doubt. the fresh-young face and everything. the one who played jeroen is kind of different from what i imagined. he doesn't look sportive, and charming and all. i mean, he's cute yes, but that's not what the book says about him.

the beginning of the movie shows the sea, the ocean, which i think is a great opening since the book contains so much element of the ocean, such as dewa neptunus, suara ombak yang merdu, and seafood. but when it comes to how kugy-keenan, keenan-wanda met, it looked like it was on fast forward. it seemed like it was in a hurry. i love how kimberly ryder plays wanda. it's so her! the australian accent, the outfit, the make up. wanda is perfect. and eko!!!!! fauzan smith is awesome. that's it. he plays a very cute eko. noni and eko is a match of what i had in mind. but remi is exactly the same of what i had in mind. ya, remi is still the most awesome character i ever imagined that came true.

besides remi, the exact scene my mind and om hanung made was the neptune radar. how the hand closes and shows the pointing finger, and putting it on the left and right side of the head. i literally tried doing that at home before the movie is even out.

conclusion is that i really really like perahu kertas. the book especially. it helped me solve problems i couldn't solve alone. i have never loved indonesian novels, yet perahu kertas is an exception. the supernova series is also amazing, but it's very heavy to swallow in my head and it makes me dizzy with all the long words. after all, i am just a bear. long words bother me. lol.

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after watching perahu kertas, mum and i went to matahari while the babies (cousins & bro) went to aksara. i bought 3 pair of jeans for only 350ish thousand! they had this buy 2 get 1 promo. i really am in luck. and i am trying to win keenan's hand made K&K handcraft which i am dying for! hihi can't wait! nd i ate at go curry! for dinner. it was hooooooot, but very tasty. especially the naan. yummerz.

i think i won't be posting until ramadhan is over, so

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin
Happy holidays everyone!

the three new jeans i bought yippe

agent neptune

happy independence day lol no jk.

my one and only paramore bracelet teehee

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