Sunday, August 12

Hari Kemerdekaan Janis

it's august! indonesia will be having their 67th independence day! i think it's the 67th. it's either 67th or 68th hehe. the title means: Janis' Independence Day. yes, i recently had a short conversation via blackberry messenger with my bestie. it goes like this:

me: gue lg nyoba kyk kugy ni. menuh2in jadwal :)
her: hahah kugy kan karna galau dan mau melupakan keenan...
me: kan dia mau menjauh-_- aku jg mau menjauh _-------_wkwk
her: menjauh dr siapa nis...
me: menjauh dr dunia-_- aku capek bgt mau bgt tidur seharian bb dimatii
me: atogak nonton banyak dvd seharian sambil makan satu bakul eskrim
me: atogak makan bermacam2 kue
me: atogak macaroni & cheese
me: kalo perlu berdua deh sama satu lg jd gak terlalu sepi wkwk
me: gue ntar kl punya rumah sendiri mau punya home theatre & kolam renang. dah itu yg perlu222 bgt. jd kalo lg mau menyendiri gue gaharus jauh2 ke kos-an si karel wkwk
her: plis nis.
me: serius gueeeeee
me: mau bgt punya hari kemerdekaan janis

okay in english it means:

me: i'm trying to be like kugy. making my self busy :)
her: hahah kugy's doing that because she's sad and is trying to forget keenan...
me: she's trying to stay away-_- i'm also trying to stay away lol
her: staying away from who...
me: from the world-_- i'm so tired i want to sleep all day with my bb off
me: or watch tons of dvds all day and eating one bucket of ice cream
me: or different kinds of cakes
me: or macaroni & cheese
me: maybe i need one other person to do that so it won't be that lonely lol
me: when i have my own house i want to have a home theatre & a pool. those are the things i really222 need. so if i need to be alone i don't have to go all the way to karel's place
her: please nis.
me: i'm serioussss
me: i really want to have my own independence day

btw kugy, keenan and karel are characters from perahu kertas. it's a wonderful indonesian book. recommended. i read it three times and never got bored.

i really want to have my own independence day, which means i can do everything and anything i want for one whole without other people disturbing. and i'll be spending the entire day with that one person i'm going to share my independence day with.

so today i had dance practice for five hours. i took plenty of rests because i was fasting. it was really hot and tiring.

and um hahah remember when i told you i won't be making long posts in quiet a time? ya that got old. oh i watched winnie the pooh! it's so heart-warming to hear zooey d and m. ward on the beginning of the movie. btw i am drinking thai ice tea right now <3 p="p">
this week, i've been checking @perahukertas' twitter timeline. the gala premiere was amazing! (in pictures anyway). i wanted to come so bad but it was a school night and didn't got the ticket. i joined gogirl!'s watch perahu kertas with maudy ayunda competition. hoping to win eep! and i ordered 2 bracelets from @stacheproducts shop. bought paramore and starwars rubber bracelets. it's so awesome i can't wait for it to arrive.

i also went to tanah surga... katanya premiere. you should watch it. on the seventeenth of august. when it's our independence day. it'll light up your nationalism. and my dad made the score. my brother and my cousin sang on the beginning. my brother also has a solo part on the song tanah airku. listen! watch! and make more space in your heart for indonesia, will u? she's a mess, but nothing is too late to be fixed, yes? ;)

that's all for now. happy sunday!

btw i am already having my ramadhan holiday!
btw i went to a press conference about st. bernard dog abuse case yesterday. ugh some people just have no heart
btw congrats bestie for having a new baby brother!

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