Friday, August 10

Painted Walls

I  just had Malam Bina Iman dan Taqwa since yesterday. i was in a room with vierra, chacha, ela, chloudya, qory, nia, reina, dita, disa, mica, nadya, dea, chelsy, and oh God i forgot one more. anyway, it was fun. sort of. learned lots of new things. gained more love and care from friends and teachers and some parents.  we had break-fasting together, and some games and quizzes were also held, and the gathering at night. we woke up at 3.00 AM, yes AM. my room slept at 11.30 so it was really tiring. we had salat tahajud, and then had our sahur. ate fried chicken with kremes on top. my favourite. and then had salat subuh and tadarusan. tadarusan is reading the Al-Qur'an. i honestly slept through the activity, yes i slept, due to very sleepy eyes. and the activity stopped at 5am, so i continued  my sleep in the class with vierra until 7am. what a wonderful two hours. i didn't took a shower yesterday, and i haven't took a shower until right now. so. but i washed my face, brushed my teeth, and comb hair , had to drive me everywhere~ lol sorry for the miley cyrus distraction. but even though i did not took a shower, i looked and feel very fresh! while waiting for the community and service to start, we played foosball. i will always, and always have been on the blue team so i will support blue no matter what. and at 8.30, community and service started. junior and seniour muslim students had their community service outside of the school. we cleaned a mosque. i volunteered for painting the walls and climbing up to ladders and such. i also got interviewed by pak something, i think it's for the gocara tabloid or so. anyway, it was really fun. and it felt good helping the less fortunate by fixing, and cleaning, and repainting their mosque. at 10, we finished and went back to school to pack our things up and go home. i am at tasya & andre's house right now because mum is still at UI and then she's going to pick me up here. i am hungry by the way.

vierra and i. taken with pak febri's ipod. via instagram 

the song i accidentaly wrote in my post:

butterfly fly away - miley  and billy ray cyrus

lots of love,

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