Tuesday, September 11


I'll be flying off to Shanghai tomorrow! It'll be a 5-7 hours flight, yes? i'm not sure how long i'd be in the plane, but i'm sure i'd be doing my home works by then. i won't have transit, since i'm flying with garuda indonesia. too bad. i wanted to go to singapore. i want to buy the she and him cd. haven't found any of it in jakarta. i'll be staying in a beautiful hotel there. oh and i'll be in Shanghai for five days and the other four days in.... J A P A N.

i've always wanted to go to japan. it's so expensive to go there. and it's also very expensive in there. so i'll have to spend my money as little as possible. but i'm looking forward to go to thrift stores in harajuku, or kinji, or other places i cannot remember. and i'm really hoping to go to ikea in shanghai, since it's cheap in china hehehe...

right now i am doing my sundanese homework. i have to do my biology homework after this. too much homeworks!!

me doing my homeworks

ughhhh the pressure of not having enough time. sometimes i wish there were more hours in a day. for instance, 26 hours a day. there would be 13 number on the clock. it maybe the solution of all timing problems. too bad we can't really change that. or can we?

my throat isn't in a good condition right now and also my stomach. hope fully nothing will go wrong and i will have fun for these 9 days. i'll still be going to school tomorrow. probably half day. i want to say goodbye to ardhi, aria, clarissa, aulia, ichiro and mischa before i leave. they're my kiddy besties. by the way, i started packing yesterday. and i kept thinking if i brought too much stuffs. i brought 6 t-shirts, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 5 socks, 1 skirt, 1 daily dress, 1 sandals, 1 sneakers, 1 jacket, 1 outer wear, 1 warm clothing, undergarments (lots!), toiletries, home works, stationary, a novel, iPod, and gaaah i cannot list down all the things, but i have a few more. i also have to bring the costumes on my own luggage. hoping it won't be over 20kg! please be only 13-15kg AMEN!

anywaaaay, i stil have to continue packing, and buying some missing things aaaand more homeworks to do. good night, and have a nice dream!

favourite song at the moment: BUMIKU BURUK RUPA - DIALOG DINI HARI
by the way, Chicago is one of the thrift stores in Japan.

 photo of the day

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