Tuesday, September 4

Remember September

happy september! on the first of september, us hogwarts students just had the first day of school! what a fun fun day it was! the crashing into walls at the train station, arriving at 9 3/4. such an exquisite experience. by the way the Rookie First Anniversary Yearbook has finally come out! i told my dad that this book is a law to all the rookies around the world. so anywhere you are, if you're a rookie, go buy it. go to rookie's site or here.

do you guys have any idea how to save a life? cause i have no idea how to save a life. well, not when the person is in a bloody & crisis sort-of way, but mentally, maybe i can save a life.

this post is nothing about saving a life, but i watched bourne legacy on sunday and it's amazing how meds can be such a great deal to someone's life. bourne legacy was very amazing. how it is really great. recommended!

remember the family music contest i told you guys? we nailed the audition. we got the lowest score hihi. we did not cry over a bad score, we just knew we could do better. good thing is, we got another chance to perform this week! please please come on saturday, 8th september '12 at the cilandak town square atrium!

for bahasa indonesia class, we were told to make a syair. not sure what syair is in english. it's a longer version of poem. has the same ending of each part. i want to show you guys my poem, please don't laugh. :

Nama saya Janis Argeswara
Yang besar di kota Jakarta
Ingin berlibur keluar kota
Akan terlaksana rencana saya

Di Phuket saya berlibur
Melakukan banyak kegiatan outdoor
Pasir menjadi alas tidur
Suara ombak jadi kawan tidur

Hari pertama para-sailing
Hari kedua panjat tebing
Hari ketiga scuba-diving
Hari keempat memeluk guling

Sekarang aku di awang-awang
Merasakan getaran pesawat terbang
Akan ku rindu butiran kerang
Seperti rinduku ke rumah tersayang

hehe that's my poem. by the way!!! i (finally) made my rookie inspired veiny nails! extra happy! altho the result wasn't as succesful as what hannah made lol. the next nail project i'll be working on will be "breezy summer" from hello giggles!

h-6 until my flight!!!!!

picture i made/love/took on the first week of this lovely september:

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