Tuesday, January 29

Shanghai and Tokyo

All things are from my point of view. Not meaning to offend anyone so please don't be offended thanks!

It has come to me that China's probably the scariest place to walk on the sidewalk or crossing the road hehehe. I was going to take kak Tika's picture on the sidewalk, and I moved back, and back, and without a horn or an 'excuse me' a bike almost hit me. Good thing kak Tika pulled me before I was hit. So it was pretty scary there, because people don't really care if you're going to cross the road or anything. They just keep moving. And ugh, i'm sorry, but the restrooms are the worst. There was this mall that was like the 'Senayan City' of Shanghai, but when I went to the toilet... there were blood on the floor and gross things like that. It was really gross, and they didn't have water there so I had to keep using the tissues.... huh. But China was very... very cheap. A 300.000 IDR blazer here could cost only 100.000 IDR there. And everything about them was so unique. And when Faye-Faye brought us to Yu Garden, she told us histories and faiths of the emperors. How a dragon cannot have 5 fingers if it does not represent the emperor and things like that, which made me very happy. I like listening to unique faiths and beliefs. Makes my brain thinks.

Now everyone in the world would know that Japan is one of the most expensive country ever. And trust me, I knew it the first time I stepped on the airport. Everything was so clean, and tidy, and modern. The toilets were modern. I know, I know it's a bit norak for me to say that, but spending 5 days without water in China and suddenly meeting the greatest toilet ever, it's like a miracle. Kak Tika and I literally jumped up and down when we knew there were water sprays in the hotel we're staying at. Japanese people are very friendly. Like that couple we meet, who accompanied us to Harajuku from Shibuya, walking, and it wasn't that near. There were other people who helped us too but couldn't speak English. Yup, one thing that makes it harder is that not lots of people are able to speak English so we had to use our body language. But after kak Tika and I observed a little bit more, even though strangers are friendly to strangers, some people there aren't that sweet to their kids. I feel bad for the kid. But it looks like the kid is used to to be treated like that, so, what can I do?

I guess that's it. The trip went well. And it will be October soon. Mum's birthday, friend's birthday, and blah blah blah. I will update the photo diary as soon as possible. And I will make another post about Java Soulnation Festival that I went to yesterday. Good day, people!

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