Monday, October 15

all aboard!!

written: 12.10.12
posted: 15.10.12

bu imar came into the class and shouted, "grade ten! please go to grade eleven science class now. there will be some good news..." and damar replied, yuni sara and raffi ahmad got married?".

she explained how adimas' dad got us an invitation to welcome the kapal perang republik indonesia dewaruci that has circled the globe in a year. i honestly have no idea what a dewaruci is, so i just go with the flow lol. we had to arrive at school at 5.30am so it was very early.

the next morning, i woke up at 4 am, and went to school at 5. my driver dropped me at mcdonalds and i joined ifa and alif to school. ifa and i did a win-win solution (only 7 habits participants will understand! ;)). so my driver won't have to drive all the way to school, and ifa will have a friend to walk with at 5.30 and she won't be afraid. yep. that's our win-win solution. anyway, from mcdonalds to school only takes about 6 up to 8 minutes, which was amazing! hahah!

at school, some eleventh graders has arrive, and at 6, we went to tanjung priok. the road was messy and jammed everywhere! we had no other choice but to wait. at the end, we arrived at tanjung priok at 8 am. two hours.

the ceremony begun at 9 am so we had an hour to enjoy the music from the ocean, altho the water was very dirty and smelled like dead fishes. we took pictures and ate out breakfast, and then the ceremony begun. there was other schools too that joined, only a few of them tho.

there were jet skis circling the water like they're dancing. and two other boats waving the tides. and from my eyes, i could see the ship's upper sail. the ship wasn't very big, but it looked like a pirate ship. the sailors stood up on the huge poles and from a far, they looked like statues.

after the ceremony ended, i met wibi and adimas' dad. both of them are at the navy. and then we went into the ship! yes! we went inside the dewaruci! when we got up to the ship, there were trophies and certificates lined up. and all in that ship was vintage-like, since it has been going since 1950s. the things inside the boat was unbelievable. you guys could check more pictures from here.

after we went down, there was a pirate. well, not a real pirate. a guy dressed up like a pirate. so aca and i took a picture with him! he may look scary, but he still has this original javanese accent.

we went back to school, but bu trias bought us padang for lunch! yum! and then we..... went back to school ;)

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